September 15, 2012

School Already!

An annual event I do with the grand kids is to take them school shopping when they are entering Kindergarten. This year I just had Hatch and Karas. Next year I will be able to add Thayne into the mix. Hatch of course is real easy to shop with. He knows just what he wants, and that's one thing and one thing only, western wear.
We were looking for some new boots and jeans. Cal Ranch didn't deliver, but at the
Provo Reams we hit jackpot. Boots and jeans.
We had lunch at Winger's at the Towne Center Mall. And of course we had to have the best and biggest dessert for our special occasion. Oooh, isn't this cowboy cute? And he's a real gentleman too. I love this little cowboy of mine, he's a keeper. Watch out all you 4th grade girl's, he's handsome.
And for Karas' shopping day we went to the University Mall in Orem. Our first stop was Crazy 8 and we found her some really cute things. She couldn't wait to take them to the register. The clerk let her ring everything up herself. What a helper.
Karas likes chicken nuggets so we stopped and had us a little Chick Fill A. Grandma's arms are too short to do the self portraits, but we sure did have fun trying. We were just a laughing and giggling.

By this point she just wanted to eat her lunch.
Just outside the mall she wanted to sit on this big rock for a picture of all her stuff. Her must have of the shopping trip, some brightly colored Hello Kitty socks. She wasn't going to let those out her sight.
Back at Grandmas house. Where does time go? Karas is in the 2nd grade this year, she was so excited to get back on the bus with her friends and bus drivers. This little gal is one special little lady and we wouldn't trade her for anything. She's progressing daily, but there are also hurdles for her to jump over, but overall she's always her happy little self. Which we all love.

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Yvonne said...

Two great shopping days with two handsome, cute and sweet grandkids! You are so lucky Shannon! I can see that you, Karas and Hatch all enjoy this special day at the beginning of the school year. I love that tradition you have!