September 26, 2012

Save The Fingers!

Ok my wonderful peeps out there, I need a little sympathy to help me and my sad, sore finger.  This is what happens when you bind 5 quilts in 5 days and don't wear any kind of protection! 

It all started with this cute new Perfect
Ten Quilt made from the newest Halloween line.  The quilting is really something to see.

And this little one was in on it to, a bit more pressure on the finger because I used minky on the back of it.

This is a small baby quilt so I don't think all the damage was done by this cute little thing!
I'm pretty sure it was this one that put my finger over the edge. lol  It sure is a cutie putie!  Guess who's teaching a class on the Improv Pieceing at the Corn Wagon next week.  Why it's the Crazy Old Lady, Emily.  Make sure you stop in or view the entire quilt on the web site (  She has put together the funnest little kits to get you started.  Wish I could be there to take it with you but I have other commitments that night.  She could expirement with mine if she really wanted to!


And maybe it was this little stink pot that was giving me all the trouble.  Anyways it's just about healed up.  But as for your comments, please fill me in on some of the gadgets you use.  I have a hard time with thimbles, but I'm willing to try anything.  So have my peeps got suggestions so it wont happen again?  Can I hear you all aweing in the background, really. You're really all so kind.

 This is the Halloween quilt in the front entry to the store, stop in and say hi sometime.  You never know I just  might be wearing a thimble!


carina said...

Oepsie thats not nice! The quilts are:) besos carina

Rennie said...

What a nice quilts. But Shannon on your age you have to know "don't make love with your quilts with out any protection"!!!!!!

Siobhán said...

Youch!! I have a hard time with thimbles but it is even worse when the needle slips into the hole gouged out by previous pokes. I don't think I've ever jumped as high as when that happens! Have you ever tried liquid bandaid? It does help a little. Also, I've cut up a bandaid very small so it just covers the spot where the needle always hits and that helps a bit.

Yvonne said...

Auch...that looks like it hurts! I used a soft leather timble. It works but it reduces the feeling you have with your needle to much in my opinion. When my finger is sore I now use a little peace of cotton tape. The one you use to keep a bandage on its place. It works great.

Carolyn Bahl said...

Using the gauge part of a regular bandage to cover your finger. The bandage stay in place and just trash it when your done for the day. Dollar store have one that work great.

Quilt n Queen said...

Ouch!! I've done the same and it takes a long time to heal. I can't use a's like working with 5 thumbs. Have a great weekend!