September 29, 2008

Baby Update!

As most of you know Kaitlyns baby was to be here last Thursday. They started her that morning and by mid-morning she had done nothing. Afternoon came and still nothing, the baby was to high to even break her water to get the ball rolling, she just wasn't dialating. They decided to send her home for the weekend to see if she could do something on her own. She was a little upset over this, she was hoping for a perfect ending to a special week that they had just had. Well she went this morning for a check-up and the Dr. sent her right to the hospital, they decided to try it again. We will have a baby sometime today whether it be a natural or a C-section birth, they are going to let her go until about 5:00 this evening and see what happens. That means we will celebrate another birthday on September 29th at the White house. I'll keep you updated and I'm most positive this proud Grammie will have pictures, lot's of pictures!

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Alice said...

That will be fun for Kira!