September 17, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

What could be better than this? These are a few of my favorite things. It was let's pile on Grammie day, I was holding Thanyne and Hatch wanted to play with him so he climbed up onto my legs that were resting on the sofa table, then of course little miss Karas wanted in on the action, so she climbed up on my legs. You can't see my legs out stretched in the pictures because they are all sitting on them! What joy these 3 little ones bring into my life, if only they would stay this way. This is what a grandparent is all about.

My brother-in-law sent this e-mail to me not long ago: What is a Grandparent? ( It was taken from papers written by a class of 8-year olds) I'd like to share a few of my favorites with you.

1. Grandparents are a lady and a man who have no little children of their own. They like other people's.

2. Grandparents don't have to do anything except be there when we come to see them. They are so old they shouldn't play hard or run. It is good if they drive us to the store and have lots of quarters for us.

3. They don't say , "Hurry up."

4. Usually grandmothers are fat, but not too fat to tie your shoes.

5. They can take their teeth and gums out.

6. When they read to us, they don't skip. They don't mind if we ask for the same story over again.

7. They know we should have snack-time before bedtime and they say prayers with us every time, and kiss us even when we've acted bad.

8. They wear glasses and funny underwear.

And my very favorite of them all,

9. A 6 year old was asked where his grandma lived. "Oh," he said, "she lives at the airport, and when we want her we just go get her. Then when we're done having her visit, we take her back to the airport."

Only out of the mouths of babes. Enjoy your kids and grandkids.


Alice said...

What great memories. I love Hatch sticking out his tongue. TOOOO cute!

Shortcake and Company said...

I love your posts, Shannon--they're so great! Those pictures are priceless and the part about grandparents--very cute. Were you able to get into my blog?