September 25, 2008

Cupcakes Anyone?

On the 2oth of September our ward had a Super Saturday and we had a cupcake exchange. I am on the enrichment committee and we thought this would be something fun and different for the ladies, we had about 8 or 9 sign up. We had lots of yummy cupcakes like: Coconut, Caramel apple, banana butterfinger, pumpkin spice, sour cream chocolate, lemon almond just to name a few, then we all came home with a plate full of these cupcakes. It was hard to decide which one to eat first. I decided to make some Cupcake Pops, very very cute but a little time consuming, here are a few pictures of the process. If any of you want to try them I got the directions from Try them, they are kind of tasty little bites. You mix a baked and crumbled cake with a tub of cream cheese frosting and then roll it into balls and set in the freezer for a few minutes, then you can either make pops or small cupcakes. I did both. For the pops you mold the cupcake rolls into a small flower cookie cutter and push it out the bottom.

These are the mini cupcakes, you put melted chocolate into the candy mold and put one of the balls into the chocolate to form the cupcake. Put in the freezer for a few minutes to pop them out. Then dunk in melted colored chocolate discs.

Tah-dah, this is how they turn out after they have been dipped and decorated with sprinkles and a colored M&M. The next picture is showing how I took them to Super Saturday to the exchange. I wrapped the pops in little bags and tied a ribbon around them and the mini cupcakes I put on a little cake stand. Pretty cute don't you think? They were impressed with this idea.

I also made Caramel Apple Cupcakes, they were yummy!! They remind of fall, they have cut up granny smith apple and strudel inside and then you sprinkle the strudel on top before you bake them. When their done baking you melt Kraft caramels and drizzle that over the top. I'll do the recipe on a different day, it's quite long.

I was over the display table for the cupcakes, and any of you that know me, I love to do displays! I had used most of the cake plates that we had for Kaitlyn's wedding, then I put together a little baking display and made a cute apron and table topper out of fabric that had the cutest cupcakes on it. Each sister had their own cake stand for their batch of cupcakes, it looked really cute when they were all full. I forgot to take a picture when that was, but I remembered shortly after.


Its ME said...

Thanks for the offer "Cupcakes anyone?"
Yes, i love to eat cupcakes too with water-cure .

Thanks again for nice pictures too.

Drop by someday at Healthy Wealth

Have an nice day

Alice said...

That looks like a beautiful display of cupcakes.

Shortcake and Company said...

What the?? Don't you love random commenters like Its Me! Any way, the display was adorable, as usual.

Rachelle Carling said...

Shannon... What can I say, you are "SEW" stinkin' talented. I love all your aprons. They all are so cute but to top of a cute apron with scrumptious cupcakes and an adorable display is totally you. I love it! Your posts are all so good. Keep it up!