September 20, 2008

Once a Bride always a Bride!

Anniversaries are the happening thing around the White house this week, both Kira and Kaitlyn got married in September, and get this, Kira got married on my 40th birthday. That was seven years ago on the 21st. (Oh my gosh I just told you how old I am!) She married John Carter, and the following year they were sealed in the Manti Temple. What great birthday gifts. They are happily married and live in a beauiful new home in Santaquin. They have 3 darling children and are doing a wonderful job raising them. Happy 7th Annivsery Kira and John, may you have many more years together to celebrate, through the good times and the bad. Love, Mom & Dad

A Happy 1st year Anniversary to you Kaitlyn & Mike, your still newleyweds!
Kaitlyn married Mike Mitchell on the 22nd of September, 2007. They live in Levan and are getting excited to be sealed in the Manti Temple on Tuesday the 23rd. What a special week for them, temple on Tuesday, new baby on Thursday. ( We hope in this order!) We are so proud of Kaitlyn and Mike for setting this goal and achieving it in a year. We're also getting pretty anxious to meet this new bundle of joy that will be starting their eternal family. We love you both and wish you many more years of love and happiness. Love ya, Mom & Dad

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Alice said...

How fun! Two September brides. They are both so beautiful.