September 29, 2008

Sharing Time

I've been sewing again! You're probably not a little bit surprised by that are you? I've been sewing for our neice Megan White, she is married to Stuart's nephew Patrick. She had asked me if I would make her a nursing cover up(I call it a hooter hider!) and burp cloths. They have a brand new little boy, Samuel that was born on the 2nd of September. This makes #3 boy for them, and boy, oh boy does she have her hands full already with Ethan and Phenix. Good luck to you Megan with this new little one. She got me the fabric, which is darling. I finished the bundle of goodies up on the weekend. There is a drawstring bag to put the cover-up and the 3 burpies in. She gave me the ok to share the finished project with you even before she had seen them. I hope they are what you expected them to be Megan. These are some hot new accessories that are in stores for the new mom to be. I'd rather make them, that way you can personalize them with your own favorite fabric. Thanks Megan for letting me do something for you and that cute new baby. I love sharing.


the Material Girls Quilts said...

Hi, its about the ironing board cover, we are changing our webover and for some reason we can't get it to load, but you can view it from KSL 5. If you still can't get it try this: trace any ironing board about 3 inches bigger on to your wrong side of fabric, cut it out, clip cures, make a 1/2 inch casing, sew leaving about 2 inches on base of cover open, thread with 1/4 inch elastic, stitch elastic and opening closed and wala you are done. Any questions just call me at the shop.
the material girls quilts

Alice said...

My sister was talking about a "hooter hider" the other day. She needs one, do you have a pattern I can barrow?

Meg said...

I LOVE IT!! Everything turned out sooo cute and i can't wait to pick them up. Thank you so much! I can't believe how talented you are with everything you do!!