September 28, 2008

Something SWEET

In one of my first blog entries I told you about my good friend Kaye who is going through breast cancer. On Friday she went for her second round of chemo and I knew she wouldn't be feeling to well this weekend so I went to visit her today (Saturday) and took her a sweet surprise. A sunfower sugar cookie. I know Kaye likes sugar cookies because everytime I make them for club she can't thank me enough for them. Well, I cheated on this one. I was in American Fork today so I stopped in this cute little bakery called Dippidee. They have the cutest and yummiest things you have ever seen, I wanted one of everything. They have fun, fun cupcakes, birthday cakes, bar cookies, mini treats and lots more. Check them out at I hope Kaye has a speedy recovery this week, she said nothing is even tasting good to her right now, not even a good old sugar cookie. We put it in the freezer for her to enjoy later in the week.

This is so cute in real life, the frosting is so thick and looks so scrumpcious, they sprinkled yellow sugar crystals on top to make it shimmer. They put it in a box and tied a cute ribbon around it too. Wow, I guess I should have "picked"one of these sunflowers for me to, just writing about it is making me hungery. Will you share Kaye?


cindylou said...

That cookie looks awesome!! What a great treat for a friend.

Alice said...

That looks great. Thanks for the info on the cool bakery.

kayejohns16 said...

Well I haven't had the urge or desire to pull the wonderful looking cookie out of the freezer quite yet. The nausea is still hanging over me.I will call you when I feel the urge. Maybe we could go to lunch and maybe pick up a few more!!! Thanks for always thinking of me. Love ya!!