September 11, 2008

Spoiled Kids!!

Ok so I think I have this blogging thing down some what so here goes another. I hope you don't mind that I share with you all the fun new things I have been working on. This is just about all I do, so I hope you don't get tired of it. As some of you know Kaitlyn has been having a few problems these last few weeks with her pregnancy, the Dr. has had her on bed rest until she delivers. She's going a little crazy, she has been spending Tuesday nights and Wednesdays here because Mike has school late on Tuesday, they have been sleeping here until little McKinley is born. She commented she wanted a new bag to take to the hospital for her toiletries and other personal items. She wanted to pick one up from Wal-Mart on her way back to Levan, I told her I had so many cute patterns for tote bags and that's all it took, she was off the couch and into the sewing room in a flash picking something from the stack of unorganized fabric!(Help! do ya think I need to do something about this?)We found a pattern she liked, but later that night she was looking in one of my quilt magazines and ran across this one, I've tweeked it up alittle bit by adding the bias trim and ric-rac (of course ric-rac, who dosen't love that stuff) and even added a pocket on the inside with a key fob to hang her keys. She hasn't seen the finished product yet until now, so I hope you like it Kaitlyn Jane, I think it turned out rather cute if I don't say so myself.

All the kids have flown the nest and I'm still spoiling them rotten, but then again isn't that what a Mom and Grammy is supposed to do. I love them all to pieces.


Anonymous said...

Is there anything you can't do with a needle and thread?

I'm up here trying to stay warm in your everyday run of the mill store bought blanket still you know. When's it my turn to get something made for me? geez.

Just let me freeze ta death, ya neva did lub me anyways. (inside family joke, dad will get it)

Shannon said...

Jacob don't you have your demin quilt up there? I promise when this new baby gets here and everything is made and done I will get you a nice new cozy guilt made, Iv'e got everything here. I just have to find the right pattern for it. I haven't forgotten you. I still lub ya. Mom

Lindsay said...

You never cease to amaze me! Darling bag, baby bedding, quilts, ect. ect. You have such a talent and have always been so generous of sharing it with others.

I'm so proud of you for joining the blogging world! What do you think it will take to get my mom going?

Shortcake and Company said...

That bag is so cute!! I love the pattern and fabric. You've got her covered!!

Kaitlyn said...

Thanks mom it is so cute i live it i cant wait to use it. what i wouldn't do if i didn't have you. i would go nuts. thanks for all you do i can't tell you enough.. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Alice said...

I love the material! Kaitlyn will be the envy of the labor and delivery floor.