November 22, 2008

Back to school! (kind of)

Yesterday morning we went to school with Hatch for Grandparent's Day. Boy have things changed since I was in Kindergarten. These kids stay busy all the time. We did some fun activites with the kids and then they put on a little program for us.

This is Hatch playing the sound game, he was so excited to see us walk in just in time to see him be the pointer.

The little boy standing next to Hatch didn't have any grandpa's or grandma's there so we were his adopted grandparents for the morning. Hatch has such a sweet spirit about him, you can truly see he cares about his other classmates. He was concerned for Joseph. Here they are singing the alphabet song for us.

Here we are tracing each others hand for the art project we did. I think I was one of the youngest Grandma's there, which is a good thing isn't it? I hope I have the opportunity to do this with all my grandkids.

Hatch and grandpa drawing pictures of themselves for the book he made about his grandparents. Below is the finished project, sorry it's sideways (help me, how do I turn it up right?) Can you pick out which set is Grandpa and Grandma White? Hint, hint one is wearing a cowboy hat and the other one has spiky hair. I love it how he made us all holding hands.

I said to Stuart on the way into the school that I couldn't beleive I was attending Grandparent's Day with Hatch, it seems just like yesterday that my kids were in elementary school. After I got inside I had memories coming back to me that I remember doing in Kindergarten. We played alot, I remember the sand box we had in the classroom, singing Christmas carols on the stairways of the old Thurber school, Walt Disney learning films on reels, snack time, and you used to have to take a rug for your nap time that followed snack time. Boy did we play hard if we needed a mid morning nap. Did I even learn anything that year of school? I asked Hatch's teacher, Miss Halter when it was going to be nap time, she replied with a "We don't have time for naps!" These kids a learning so much in kindergarten, I think we did all our learning in the first grade. We had alot of fun spending the day with Hatch. Thanks for inviting us to Grandparent's Day Hatch. We love you to the moon and back.
Here are a couple of video's I shot of their songs they sang for us. The first one is a Thanksgiving song they learned the sign language to, I wish I had gotten it all on tape. It brought a few tears to my eyes. There is so much for us to be thankful for and surely this day was one of them. The second one is a song called Down on Grandpa's Farm. Just a little side note, on the third song they were singing I could tell Hatch was figeting, he kept holding his stomach and he was going a little pale, this went on for a minute. I leaned over to tell Stuart that something was wrong with Hatch and when we looked up one of the teachers was taking him out to the hall, I guess she noticed him not acting like he felt well. So I followed them out to see if he was ok, I took him into the restroom just in case he needed to throw up. While we were talking I asked him what was wrong and he said he hadn't slept all night because he was just so happy for this day, he was to excited to sleep. I think he just had such a wonderful feeling come over him while they were singing their songs that he had a little anxiety attack. I got him a drink of water and reassured him he would be fine. He wanted to go back inside and finish the program because the last song was his favorite, I was too worried about him that I didn't get it on video. Now I know why he was yawning so much in the program. Watch carefully and you can see it to. So cute, huh?


deborah peake said...

He is sooo handsome. I think he looks like Kira. What a wonderful day. I look at him and remember Amber and Kira going to pre-schol together and doing their cute program. I can't believe they have kids of their own. I hope we all can sit back and enjoy the journey of being grandparents. I enjoy my kids, but my Brixton is so enjoyable. He asked me today when he could come and decorate my house for merry christmas. He loves nana and nana loves him. I can't believe what they learn in kindergarten. It's amazing. Hatch looks like he is a very good friend and student. What an enjoyable day. Thanks for sharing.

Shortcake and Company said...

For cuteness. I think it's awesome that both you and Stuart went. I totally agree that Hatch is one special little boy. That was a great post...I loved your memories. How about a Remember When Wednesdays section for your blog? ;)

Kaitlyn said...

How exciting itwas for you and dad to go with him that is a great post. it looks like you had a fun time.