November 3, 2008

She's on the records ...

as McKinley Kaye MitchellWe drove to Levan on Sunday for the blessing of this cute little angel. Mike was a bit nervous about this day, but he did absolutely amazing on McKinley's name and blessing. He gave her a beautiful blessing. It's special days like this that get those tears flowing. What a precious little spirit Kaitlyn and Mike have been blessed with. McKinley looked just like a little angel in her dress. You can't see much of it, but it was long, with small crystals all over the bottom and a big white sash in the back. Me and Stuart picked it up the night before the kids went to the temple in Manti. It was in a little boutique shop there on main street. I told Stuart this was the one because it reminded me so much of Kaitlyn.
Her little bow in her hair is something special too, it was to be worn on her blessing day and then put away and brought back out on her wedding day to be used as her garter. I wish I could remember the cute poem that was attached to it. After the blessing we went into Nephi where Mike's parents live for pictures and a luncheon which consisted of homemade soups, rolls and pumpkin cake for dessert. Kaitlyn said this would be their first official family photo. These two haven't come down
off of cloud nine yet. Let's give her a few more weeks should we! She's enjoying being a Mom.

We're all together for a group photo, I told them if it worked out good enough we could just use this for our Christmas family picture. Then someone reminded me our last name isn't Mitchell!
Notice the wall hanging in the background!

The proud Grandparents!

Little Miss M and Mom

The girls I love,

Kira, Karas, Me, McKinley and Kaitlyn. By this
photo Miss M was getting a little antsy, she was so done with pictures.

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Being a grandma is so rewarding and I'm so blessed to have such good grandkids.
I love them all just the same, thanks for making me happy.


deborah peake said...

What a beautiful little angel. She is adorable. What a beautiful dress. Kaitlyn is just a beaming new mom. What a beautiful family picture. Your family has truly grown. It is wonderful being a grandma. I love it(even when he pees all over Nana bathroom) He hasn't learned how to aim. Congratulations to Kaitlyn and Mike. McKinley is such a gift. She looks like she is a good baby.

Shortcake and Company said...

What a special day for sure, I'm sorry we couldn't make it! She looks beautiful! Love the family pix too.

Theresa said...

Looks like it was a very special day. They are an adorable family.

Alice said...

What great pictures. I love your family picture. Maybe you can photo shop the Mitchell....LOL

Meg said...

She is so beautiful! I still feel bad we planned our blessing the same day. They all look so happy, I'm glad they're doing well!

alaynamarriott said...

What a beautiful little girl, for a beautiful day! I'm so glad to hear their day was extra special. I can tell Kaitlyn is such a good Mom, and you are an amazing grandma. Those kids are so lucky to have you! I loved the funny story about your family Christmas photo - why not just scratch out Mitchell and write White over the top - too funny! I have to say I am so impressed with your up-to-date blogging abilities. Plus, you always amaze me with all that you can accomplish in a day. You can just whip up a project in NO time, and they ALWAYS turn out amazing! You are just too perfect!!! Love ya.

Laura said...

What a blessing! You have a beautiful family and adorable grandchildren to be thankful for. Looks like a very special day. Thanks for sharing!

Have a great weekend!