November 22, 2008

I love visitors

I have lots of visitors come see me at the Corn Wagon, some of my many friends that I made while working at Heritage Woodworks come in and want me to help them with projects their working on. Thursday was one of those days, I had just got done helping a friend Wendy with some things and Stuart stopped by to say hi and visit a minute, I was just walking out of the classroom and saw him standing at the counter. This makes me happy when he just stops in to say hi or brings me a drink or sometimes lunch. Thanks luv, you made my day. Not soon after Stuart left these two cute girls showed up to see me. Kaitlyn was up from Levan to take Little Miss M to a Dr.s appointment and thought what the heck I'll travel a few more miles north to see mom. The ladies that I work with thought Kaitlyn looked just like me, what do you think? And they couldn't get enough of McKinley they thought she was adorable. Kaitlyn had her dressed so cute as always. What a fun day at work. I love my job.Me and McKinley at the Corn Wagon, stop in and see me sometime like they did. I'd love to help you with your quilting and sewing projects. Now's a good time to come in, we have all our patterns 25% off and all the Christmas fabric is 30% off. See you soon, I hope!


Kaitlyn said...

Those are some cute girls you got there. It was fun coming to visit I need to do it more often. Thanks Grammie for letting us just drop by. LOVE YA tons: McKinley & I

deborah peake said...

The are both adorable. How fun it is to be a grandma. I want to stop by in a couple of weeks and get some blanket material. Do you think you will be able to do the aprons? How much material do I need and how much time do you need? love, deborah