November 4, 2008

50th Post - Friendship

FRIENDSHIP - the older is grows, the stronger it is. What a surprise I got when I sat down to do this post. It listed it as my 5oth and I thought this is the post I'll do on friendship. I have been wanting to post these pictures since our last club in September. Meet my club friends, we have been meeting together since we graduated from high school in 1979, so that is almost 30 years. We will be celebrating our 3oth class reunion this summer. These girls are all very special to me, they would do anything for me and we are always there for each other whether we just need to laugh or if we need each others shoulders to cry on. We have all been through some kind of hardship throughout the years. When we first started club none of us had kids yet, well that started to change. We soon started families and if I've got this right we have between us 34 or 35 kids. And now 6 of us our Grandmas. What fun we have talking and bragging about kids and grandkids. The food is always good, but it's the association with one another that I really enjoy. I have pictures dating back to 2003 in my computer, enjoy the journey of our friendship. (Warning picture over load) Club September 2008
Back row, Camille Voorhees, Sharon Jarvis
Front, Melba Ann Romero, Elaine Corless and Kaye Johnson

Back, Gayleen Jones, Liz Jones, Melanie Newell
Front, Jan Andrews, Me and Melanie Peterson
(Side note; rarely does it happen but we were all there, yea!)
Elaine hosted this club at her new shop on main street here in Spanish called Just Spoil Me.
Through the years,

Club at Jan's, February 2003. We went to the islands!


Hat's off to 25 years, this was a fun one. I had the girls choose hats out of the chest and we had a tea party and wore our hats all night. Were still having fun talking about it.

Club at my house, April 2005

October club 2006, the pictures are getting funnier and funnier. Elaine is trying to get us on the Oprah show some way, and so we take lot's of silly pictures to include in the proposal. I hope by the time she gets it done Oprah still does her show on long lasting friendships. This has been a goal of ours for a long, long time. Wish us luck.

Christmas at the Whitehouse!

What fun, spending Christmas at the Whitehouse. I love hosting Christmas club. This was last year and for the napkin rings I had found cute little snowflake picture frame ornaments at the $1 section at Target. I surprised everyone by putting their senior yearbook picture inside the frame. There was alot of laughs over this one.

Our stop in Beaver on one of our many trips to St. George through the years. I hope we will all be able to make the trip together someday. We have a few here and there. So much fun is had on these trips, just take a look.
So you Melba!
Yeah, maybe for Halloween Elaine!

You go Sharon Jean!
We have way to much fun can you tell.

This picture is taken outside of the house in St. George in 2003.
There's always room for the Pizza and Pasta Factory!
More shopping? We're not full yet!Sit long, talk much...
Just to sum things up, the seasons may come and go, but friends last forever!
I have so many close friends, this post is dedicated to all of you. Thanks for making my life happy and complete by being my friend.


Kira Rae said...

This post was so sweet, I was almost in tears. I have great memories of your friends growing up. They have always been a part of my life and great support. I hope I am able to say the same things about my friends so many years from now.

Jacob said...

It is pretty crazy you guys have stayed so close. Seems like girls change friends more often than I change my socks.

Shortcake and Company said...

You have such a fun group of ladies for friends. I think it's so awesome how close you guys are and for so long. What friends!!

kayejohns16 said...

Thanks Shannon, I decided to get out of bed and look at my e-mails. What I found was a perfect pick me up. You seem to always be able to do that for me. I am now crying and thinking about the special love and friendships we have all enjoyed over the years. I am so grateful for all of you! Yeah! I made it through my last chemo. Thanks to all of my friends and family. I love you guys!!

Tulsi said...

It is fun that you actually do things as friends besides just keep up to date on each other.

deborah peake said...

Wow!! that was great, but very hard. I miss all of you guys so much. It looks like you have had a lot of great memories. I am crying now and can't put my words together. You all look great!! You always seem to put things in perspective. I hope you all make to Oprah someday.