November 16, 2008

Simply wonderful sewers

We had our Simply Sewing 101 class last Wednesday night. We made these cute aprons that I call the Everyday Housewife Apron but back in the day they used to be called clothespin aprons. The girls all did an awesome job of sewing them. Some made them for themselves and others made them for gifts. Me and the Simply Sewing girls, there is always so much fun and laughter on these nights even without the chocolate. But every sewer needs chocolate to keep going, right! I'll remember it next time.

Erin Lambert, Angela Escamilla, and no she didn't cut it to small, she made the child's size for her cute little girl. Carillisa Bean, Harmony Nielson made two that night, one for herself and one for her daughter for the holdidays. And Chelsey Ercanbracks was a darling vintage pattern she made for herself. She is a fabulous cook and puts on an apron everytime she's in the kitchen.

Busy at work, everyone was into it. You sew girls!!

This says it all! I feel so good when someone gets this happy knowing she's accomplished something this cute. I must be doing something right as a teacher. Chelsey was so excited with her finished apron. I think she's on her way to that sewing machine! Way to go Chelsey.

Nyla Allen made this cute apron for one of her neices and my Aunt Dale Smith is ready for the holidays with this fun one.

Here is Bishop Nelson's wife Alece, she is modeling her cute apron over her cute prego belly, she can't wait to start wearing it in January after their baby is born. You did a great job Alece.

We seem do be getting more and more signing up for classes each month. For our December project we are making cute tote bags in three different sizes. The girls came up with this project. Some needed a scripture tote, others needed a tote for their sewing supplies and some wanted one for all their teaching materials. I will post a picture of them as soon as I finish up some odds and ends on them. Have you got any fun ideas floating around out there, we need something for our January class. Let me know if you do.


Kira Rae said...

I want an invite: do you think they will let me back in the 4th ward for the night?

Kaitlyn said...

I agree with Kira, I am so jelous that they get to have this much fun. If you think of something fun in January see if they will let me join!! Your a great teacher mom.

Shortcake and Company said...

I'll answer for your mom...yes!! It was so much fun. Thanks for posting the pix, Shannon. I'm going to link your entry as you've got some great pix. Love ya!

Rachelle Carling said...

What a fun night full of sewing. I would love to learn all the tricks from a professional like you! You are so talented, I say that every time I see your blog. Maybe someday I will get a bit of your talent... love ya!

deborah peake said...

It looks like everyone is having fun. Your Aunt Dale looks just as young as she always did. I always had so much fun going over to their home. We had alot of fun. She was always a great cook and semstress. You are an awesome teacher.

Alice said...

I think I should sign up for the next class. It looks like great fun.

Yarni Gras! said...

what looks like everyone had so much fun! Love those aprons!