November 26, 2008

Movie Star Husband

Well here he is, my movie star husband(he's the one wearing the cowboy hat of course) and all of our horses.

For those of you that didn't get a chance to see the program last night on the National Geographic station I video taped a few of the segments with my camera. Not the best quality, but I wanted to share the excitement. I was going back and forth between this show and Dancing with the Stars so I don't think Stuart knew I was doing a little filming of my own. This story is about Doc Schaffer a good friend of ours that has been looking for this certain gold for about 40 years. This was exciting for us to see, Stuart had never done anything like this before. How does it feel to be rich and famous or should we just say famous! Can I have your autograph hunny? Way to go Stuart and Doc, John and Kody. It's not very often you see some good ol' boys from Spanish Fork on the t.v.


Kaitlyn said...

I didn't know that dad went with doc to do this. Is it going to be on again in the future I wish i could have seen that. I forgot it was on last night. Way to go dad. You are a movie star

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

whoaaaaaaaa :) ... Mister Hollywood is going to need a 10 gallon hat to keep all those smiles in ;)