November 12, 2008

A Fun Get Away

Caution: Lots of pictures in this post! I couldn't leave any out as there were way to many to pick and choose from. A week ago Tuesday Me and Stuart set off for some well needed fun. It was my scheduled week for the house in St. George, so we loaded the car and headed south just in time to escape the first snow fall of the season up here. For those of you that don't know, my parents had a house down there that they called home from October to about the first part of May every year. After they both passed away me and my bothers and sisters decided to keep the home and use it kind of like a time share. I get to use it about every 5 weeks, it makes for a nice quick weekend get away, or even a week if we can both arrange our schedules to do that.

This was the sunsetting last Tuesday night, Nov. 4th. I took these pictures on the move.

This is home away from home, there is a sign above the french doors in the family room that says: A nice place to live. We are so grateful to Mom and Dad for leaving us all such a nice place to live. They were so happy to have guests here.

You may call this useless information but I think it's kind of interesting. Look at the house number, 1928. My Dad was born in 1927 and my Mom was born in 1929. So that is how I remember the address. Pretty neat don't you think?

Let the fun begin, we did lot's of fun stuff this time around, Stuart and the boys always like to go to the Oasis Gun Club in Mesquite and go shooting while the girls usually stay in George and shop. Not this time, I went shooting with Stuart and if you ask my kids this is very unusual for me, I'm not around the guns that much and they are much better at it than I am. Stuart was very patient and willing to help me learn something new. I think I shot about 15 clays out of about 100. Boy are those guns heavy or am I just a winkling!
This is a picture of all the shot gun shells they pick up, from a distance I thought it was a pretty flower bed until I got a little closer.
This is something my sisters thought they would never see in their lifetime, am I right? I have to admit this could be a really fun sport if you had the right gun in your hands!
Stuart did really well this day, when I got tired shooting my rounds I would let him finish. Some of those stations are a little bit tricky.

The pro shooter. Stuart has always liked the sport and does very well at it. He has taught all of our kids Hunter Safety and has taught them well. All of them like to shoot even Kira and Kaitlyn have their own guns.

Stuart would try to tell me which direction the bird was coming from and tell me when to shoot. Is that cheating? I don't think so!

So after dinner that night at one our favorite's down there, which is Texas Roadhouse, we went into Sportsman Warehouse to look at women's guns. No we didn't buy because we couldn't get helped to even look at one. So we were cruising the isle and we came upon this huge I mean hugh stock pot. Sorry the pictures blurry but I had to post it so you could get the idea at just how big this thing was. It is a 100 quart pot.

Stuart loves to make homemade soup, boy could he ever make soup in this pot! We laughed over this one for quite awile. Where in the world do you find a stove burner that big to put it on!

Friday we took a ride over to Zion's National Park. It's been a few years since we've drove all the way through the park. What a pretty time of year. We stopped and did a little picture taking of ourselves with such pretty scenery for backdrops.

This rock takes a nice little picture, Stuart just set the camera on it and set the timer and ran!

Same for the fence post!
A couple pictures of the beautiful rock formations there in the canyon.

I love running onto funny stuff like this, this is a teardrop trailer that was in the campground, I think a lady owns this one, it was orange and the canopy was a bright floral pattern. I told Stuart this could be our next trailer investment. He looked at me like I was nuts!

And what would St. George be without shopping, Stuart stayed at the house Saturday and relaxed and watched a few John Wayne's why I went out to some of my favorite stores. We had already done the outlet stores on Wednesday together so one day of shopping was enough for him, and he said he really didn't want to tag along to fabric shops.

This is my all time favorite store in St. George, just ask anyone who goes there with me. I can always find something there, whether it's shoes, home dec stuff, seasonal stuff. They had all sorts of Christmas fancy out. I didn't take a picture of the stuff I bought here because Christmas is coming!

Quilted Works is you guessed it, a fabric store. They carry darling stuff. This shop has only been opened a couple of years, and are getting more and more in everytime I visit.

This was my purchase there, I've been wanting this A is for Apron book for along time and just couldn't find anywhere up here, so I was excited when I spotted it on the counter. I used my birthday coupon on it so that made it even better. And I also bought this cute pattern that you make out of charm packs.

My next stop was the Lazy Daisy Cottage, this is the cutest quilt shop in town. Dana Brooks is the owner and she has the funnest kits put together that you can buy. She also designs quilt patterns.
They always have quilts hanging on the front porch. They also sell gift items and small food items, this day they had cheese ball and crackers out for you to taste. This is one stop you need to make if your in the market for fabric.
I purchased the kit to make this cute retro Christmas Santa quilt, everything was in the kit including the back and the binding. Now I just need to find the time to sew it. I need another week in St. George just to sew!

Saturday night we went for a drive and ended up above the town looking at the lights of the city below, boy how it has grown. My Dad would be so amazed at all the new growth.

The words Dixie are painted on one of the big rocks and they shine a huge spotlight on it at night. I guess this is a popular place for kids to go on Friday and Saturday nights. It sure was busy with parked cars! Anyway we finished off the night with a good old fattening Coldstone ice cream, very tasty.

Oh my gosh, I am a pig, I ate the whole thing even the waffle bowl. It was worth every bite. A few more yummy places we ate while we were there, In and Out Burger, Famous Dave's Barbeque, and of course Red Lobster. Our kids make fun of us because we have started eating an early supper around 4:00 in the afternoon now, I guess we belong in the old folks club. I talked to Kira the day we were in Red Lobster and she wanted to know if we were sharing a plate and if we had used Dad's AARP card, we would have but Stuart forgot to put it in his wallet. Next time though! Are we really that old?

We returned home Sunday evening. We had a fun filled week and I can say that I'm ready to do it all over again. Thanks Luv, for taking the time away from work just so we could play and have fun. I know we were just a short distance from home but I think this is one of the funnest times we've had in St. George so far.

I hope I haven't bored you to much with our mini vacation, everybody needs a little R&R sometime. Spend the time doing the things you love most.


Jacob said...

Must be nice to just get away...and tell dad to take that little 20 gauge for you next time.

Kira Rae said...

Wasn't there one more "FAST" thing you got in St. George? Did you forget about that purchase?

Shortcake and Company said...

Oh my two are just the cutest. I love the stage I'm at in my life right now but I do have to say, you make that stage of life look great too! How fun! Oh, and I love other souvenir Kira's referring to.

Theresa said...

What a fun fun time you had!! I'm jealous!