March 18, 2009

Bon Voyage!

We play while the boss' are away! Marsha and Mary Ann are cruisn' with Dave's Bernina this week. They are teaching a quilt class today on the cruise, how fun does that sound? But check this little baby out. I had a funny thought come to me last Thursday morning while I was getting ready for work. About 11 years ago Me and Stuart went on a Carnival Cruise and we had brought this cute Barbie back to Kaitlyn. (I can't believe I paid $45.00 for this, the price tag was still on the box. What was I thinking?) Anyway I found the Barbie and took her to work with me. While Mary Ann was gone to the post office we made a sign and put her on the counter for everyone to see. She didn't even see it until a customer pointed it out to her. Boy was she surprised, but she knew exactly who had done it. "Who, me?" I said when she asked. We even filled Barbie's little bag with fabric scraps to get the real affect. I don't think Marsha or Mary Ann will be wearing anything quite like this but I'm sure they are having a great time while we man the shop! It's such a tough life, but somebodies got to it!
Bon Voyage Mary Ann, see you on Saturday. Bring us back something wonderful, just don't make it a Barbie. I already have one of those lurking around here.

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I love it! I was just talking to my mom about her cruise and she has some way funny stories for ya! just ask her about Marsha and Bingo.