March 25, 2009

Simply Quilts

For Simply Sewing 101 in April we will be making a very simple quilt, and when I say simple I really mean it. This is a fun pattern that is put together with 1 yard of main fabric, 1/8 yard accent fabric and 1/3 yard for the bottom. We will be learning a couple of methods for the applique work. Now don't let the applique work scare you off. The pattern was designed by Emily and Margery of Crazy Old Ladies here in the area. I talked to Emily and she said that would be fine to do these in sewing class. I've made a couple of the flower quilt but thought we needed somthing boyish. I came up with the Sail Away idea after we got this cute fabric in at the Corn Wagon. You could really applique anything on this quilt, it is really versatile. Use one of my designs or come up with something of your own. Wouldn't something western be fun. Stretch your imagination with this one.
The Sail Away Quilt

And the Flower Power Quilt. We will be making the quilts in April and then in June we will learn the proper way to trim up and bind your cute little thing. This should give you plenty of time to get your quilt quilted. Have fun shopping ladies! Be ready to sew on April 14th.


Melody said...

Such a cute design. I love sailboats. Too bad I live to far away to join in on the fun.

Cheryl said...

Very cute quilts!!! So nice to find your's wonderful!