March 13, 2009

My Simply Swing'n Girl's!

Boy were things swing'n Tuesday night at my Simply Sewing 101 class. We pulled another late nighter. It was after 11:00 when I got home that night. I wonder if there is a curfew or time limit for the use of the church. If so we have broken them so many times already. Do you think they will fire me? We had lots of fun sewing our swing bags. This is one of Amy Butler's patterns. For some it was fairly easy for other's a little challenging. But we got them all done and I hope they are all showing them off to co-workers and friends! The girl's had some really cute fabric choices. We didn't get a group photo but I did get photo's of the late night swingers!!

Just a quick little note about the sewing machine Angela's friend is sewing on. When she came in with her sewing machine case I knew what she was going to pull out of it. I was right, it was a replica of my very first Bernina. Stuart bought it for me right before we got married almost 28 years ago. Seeing that machine brought back lots of memories for me. I don't know how many little girl's dresses were sewn on that thing. This little gal couldn't figure out how to back stitch, I walked right over and did it just like I remember doing, I hadn't forgot a thing about it. I miss that sweet little thing.

Oh my gosh, look at Brooke's bag. Isn't it the cutest thing ever. We just couldn't get enough of it. You see this animal print on handbags all over the place. Did you know you can buy it in fabric now? She found it online. One of the other gal's ordered some the next morning, she called to see if I wanted some. What do you think my answer to that question was? Don't think to hard.

Dondy loved her bag so much she couldn't take her eyes off of it! Way to go Dondy, the black and red combo is just right.

Shanna and her bag. She is always making for someone else. This one is for a friend that loves blue. Now it's her turn for her bag and knowing Shanna she won't just stop at one!

This is Angela modeling her bag, she looks like she's ready for the run way. She made this one for her sister. Hum, I hope she finished the sash before she gave it to her. Did you get your homework done Angela?

Erin's bag was really cute to. She made hers out of a brown all over polka dot with a striped sash. Just perfect for spring and summer. Good job Erin.

It was so late, we forgot to put everyone's name in for the drawing so I did it when I got home. I made two little tissue holders to put in their new bags. The winners are Brooke and Dondy. I'll get your prizes to you girl's. So you can tell by the pictures we sure do have a swing'n good time at Simply Sewing. Our next class will be April 14th and we will be making a really simple quilt that could be used for baby or a lap quilt. We will be learning easy applique' that night.


Shortcake and Company said...

Our ward has the best teacher ever! Thanks for sharing your talent. I miss coming but I'm feeling better with each week. Plus, me and Shell still need to make our bags from December. When would be a good time for you? XOXO.

Sarah C said...

can you give us the website of the animal print fabric! It looks so great with red I already have a few ideas!!!

The Betts 4 said...

Thanks Shannon for staying so late! I love my bag! Everyone stops me to ask where I got it! I'm so excited I won the drawing! I never win anything. See you next month for sure, loved the quilt!

Des said...

Shannon, I would love to know more about your sewing class for Relief Society, I'm assuming? Do you mind sharing your ideas and how you are pulling it off? What is your calling? Such a great idea. I would love to try in my ward!