February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day Projects

While I was visiting one of my favorite quilt shops on my last trip to St. George, Lazy Daisy Cottage. They had the cutest kits put together. I just thought they were pillowcase kits, but as I examined them a little more closely, come to find out they were pillowcase dresses for little ones. Of course I had to buy one to try. So this is what I made for McKinley and Karas for Valentine's. They came together super fast and turned out adorable. For Little Miss M's I used fabric that I had in my stash that I had bought for a differnt project for her. I liked it better for this one.
And this is Karas', this is the kit I bought at Lazy Daisy. The flowers on the dresses are made by Marianne that I work with. She just happedened to have two that matched perfectly the day I took them in the store to show them off. They add a little flair to the dress I think.
And this was Angie's Valentine. A lunch tote, with matching accessories. She is always taking her lunch to school and the hospital so why not take it in style. These would be great for teachers, kids, the work place, etc. I have a feeling both of these projects are going to find a way into the Simply Sewing 101 agenda!
These are also finds from St. George from another one of my favorite stores, TJ Maxx and More. All I need is my E6000 and I'm on my way to making these:
Candy plattters for Kira & John and Kaitlyn and Mike. I couldn't go without making one for myself of course! A visit to the Sweet Tooth Fairy for Cupcake Bites to fill the plates with sweetness.
These are candy dishes for some other special Valentine's on the White house list. I'm in a glassware mode right now, everywhere I go I'm looking in the glassware department. Keep your eyes open, you can put lots of fun things together. I dare you, you will get hooked to!


Yvonne said...

I really can't believe where you get so much creativity in such a short time! Every time you post a comment on your blog you have made more beautifull things. Do you ever sleep? (LOL)
I showed the things you made at work, they loved it!

Shortcake and Company said...

I {loved} the bowl and pedestal...THANK YOU!! You're always so good to remember us.