February 21, 2010

Valentine's Dinner 2010

We have made it an annual event at the White house to get together for a Valentine's dinner. This year Kaitlyn and Mike offered to host the get together. So on Valentine's we made the short little trek to Levan to spend the afternoon fondueing, chocolate dipping and frosting sugar cookies. I make the cookies and the kids frost them and take them home to enjoy. Thanks Kaitlyn and Mike for a wonderful Valentine's Day full of love and laughter. What's a little sugar going to hurt before dinner? Karas was all about me dipping her finger in the pink frosting.
Then Thayner wanted in on the action.
What's this? All of the kids are looking at the camera at one time! Now, how in the world do you suppose this happened? Very rare!
Is it done?
What's up with the smiles guys?

Give me more shrimp Grandma!
Now onto chocolate dipping.
This is Karas' favorite part of the meal!
And finally the sugar cookies, yum-yum!
What frosting?
I love you too Hatch!

To much sugar makes everyone sweet! McKinley just couldn't get enough kisses out of Thayne, and he was just lovin' every minute of it. Does this mean he's going to be a ladies man?
Hope everyones Valentine's Day was as happy as ours.


michalswarm said...
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Yvonne said...

It looks like your all having lots of fun togethe Shannon! It must be great to have your grandkids living near by and regulery enjoying spending time together!

Cole said...

What a sweet celebration for sure!

Alice said...

Looks like you had a lot of yummy stuff...