February 13, 2010

"STRAIT" to Phoenix!

After we had spent a couple days in sunny St. George we were on our way to Phoenix to see the one and only King George. After 6 hours in the truck we had finally made it to our destination, the Airport Marriott Hotel. And look who we found waiting for us in the lobby! Oh my gosh, it's Jacob and Angie. How did they beat us there? They made it in less than 2 hours, now why didn't we think of that flying thing? After we got settled in our rooms we headed for some lunch and then back to the room for a short nap. Yup, semi-old people do need naps once in a while, especially after a long day on the road.
We're here, and look at the smile on Angie's face. She was so excited, this was her first time seeing George Strait. She said she could die a happy girl now. LeAnn Womack was the first performer out on the stage. She put on a really good show.
To much down time waiting for Reba. Angie taught me all the tricks of taking self portraits.
Reba did an amazing job. She is an amazing performer with lots of energy.
Here she is with a surprise visit from her co-star from the Reba show, her neighbor Barbara Jean. If you have watched this show you know just how funny Barbara Jean really is. What a hoot this little skit was.
Reba hadn't sung Fancy yet, but for one of her closing songs she came back in a taxi cab and she had changed into this red sequinned dress. Stunning, just stunning. What a show.
What do you do when your waiting in between shows? Take more pictures of course!
And here he is...
George Strait. He sang a variety of songs. He did several older songs but he did alot of his newer ones to. His shows are always so good. He's such a easy going, laid back performer, just enjoyable to watch.
Angie and Jacob swaying to the music.
Look at this green, green grass and the blossoms on the tree. Angie wanted to bring it all back to Idaho with her, she wasn't ready to come back to snow.
We came home through Flagstaff and Page. We made a stop at the Glen Canyon Dam, damn it was perr-dy! Angie has never seen some of this country so it was fun for her to see something new. Everybody ought to see it once but should never be forced to see it twice! That's one of Stuart's favorite sayings.
Now Jacob, you make sure you always look up to your girl!
Standing on the bridge of the dam, everytime a semi truck would drive over, it would shake like the dickens. Uhh, scarry! We made it back to St. George Saturday evening and back home Sunday afternoon just in time for the Superbowl kick off. What a fun time we had. I loved every minute of my Christmas present. Thank you dear for such a great gift, anything coming "STRAIT" from you always makes me smile!
I brought a little bit of George home for all of you to see. Enjoy!

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Yvonne said...

Hi Shannon, What a great story of your trip to Phoenix! And thank you so much for posting the video of a piece of the concert. I got the feeling for a moment I joined your there! What a great memories to take home!