December 2, 2008

Getting excited!

I don't know about you, but just pulling out the Christmas decorations gets me excited for the holidays. I have been working on the decorating all weekend and today. I store all my decorations under the front stairway closet, everyone wonders how I can get so much stuff in there. I have collected alot of fun things over the years, and some of them have such happy memories that go along with them. How can you get rid of some of those? I'm just showing you a sneek peak of things. I'll brag about it later. Got to run, still decorating!This is the closet I was talking about, and this is even after I had taken out four totes and two full size trees. Notice the lovely carpet runner, that has been in there since we bought our house 20 years ago.
See these wreaths, the kids each made one when they were in the 5th grade. They have been hanging there in that same place for years, but I can't stand the thought of getting rid of them. They are made out of plastic baggies. They all had the same 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Thomas at the Park School. Now those are the memories I'm talking about. Pricless treasures to me.

A sneek peak at the front entrance of the house, it's not finished yet in this picture but it is now. I hate to admit this but the sign above the door has been hanging there all year. I just never got up on something to take it down. I don't think anybody ever noticed it there. So there you have it, that's all I've been up to the last few days. Has everyone got their holiday fancy up. Come on over, the White house needs a little help! jk

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