December 21, 2008

Parties Galore!

I'm sure you are all just like me with all sorts of parties to attend, these pictures are of the Corn Wagon Christmas Party, we had a potluck supper and did a fun gift exchange and took any of our projects to work on. What fun these ladies are! Their crazy in fact!
Here are some of them doing the exchange. There was lots of taking back and forth of the gifts.
Mary and Suzanne enjoying the yummy supper. Notice the quilt in the background, it is a class called Dear Jane and has been going on for two years, they will finish it up around March. It is unbelieveable.
This is Mary Ann, she is always so cheerful and sweet, she's alot like me she always has a project in hand. She is the instructor of the Dear Jane quilt. Look at the detail on that thing!

Megan and Marsha just cracking up at the wonderful Flamingo that Santa left Marsha, she just loves flamingo's, not! it was a hoot. I was the secret Santa by the way.

Diana, Suzanne, Marrianne, Margene and Lynette laughing at Marsha. Marsha is the owner of the shop. As you can tell we had a really fun night. This is why I love my job.

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Kaitlyn said...

i am glad you had fun the girls you work with are cute.