December 21, 2008

Some fun Christmas Aprons

Look how stinkin' cute these are! I made these for a friend to give away as gifts. I love the red and green one. This pattern is for the girl that has that perfect body! This is a fun one to make, and I had fun doing it in Christmas prints.
This apron is vintage rose and turquoise with a little of shimmering gold. The fabric is an allover print of holiday presents. Cute huh? I've made several more this holiday season but forgot to take pictures, dang they were cute too.


Sarah C said...

I cant believe how busy you have been!

Did you use a pattern for the red and green apron? I LOVE it!

deborah peake said...

Thanks for the cute aprons. Nancy loved hers and it fit her really cute. She just bought a new beach house and can hardly wait to use it. She loved it..I loved my bag. Thank you soo much. You are a wonderful friend. Thanks again!!! Merry Christmas!!