December 22, 2008

Vintage Christmas

Some of you might know that I love anything that is vintage, I have a old Singer sewing machine in my living room that belonged to my Grandma Thomas, every year for Christmas I decorate it with vintage things I've collected over the years. I have a box of old ornaments, lights, candles, etc. I fill a small bowl with some hard tack candy to go along with the theme. Underneath the machine there are some things that belonged to Stuart when he was a boy, we have his original Twas The Night Before Christmas puzzle and a flip flop doll that was at his house when he was growing up. I also have a cute little red Santa boot that my mom had made on a Clorox bottle cut in half to hold holiday treats. I'm sure she had made it in Relief Society. It was always filled with chocolates that she purchased at Child's Bakery here in town. I can taste the crunchy coconut clusters right now, they were so good. Oh, I miss all those fun stores we had on main street to do our Christmas shopping. There was Forsey's, JC Penney, Christensen's, Talley Ho, Sonoma's, Gambles, Montgomery Ward, I remember my mom doing alot of catalog shopping from that store for Christmas. They were all fun to shop in. Wow have the times changed. I'm so glad I have some of these pricless treasures of days gone by. I love taking them out of the boxes year after year. Here are some cute vintage photo's I found on a friends blog, I'm sure they were old Christmas cards at one time.

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