December 21, 2008

Holiday Madness

Are you wondering where I've been the last little while. The holiday madness kind of got in the way of my blogging ritual. Kira wanted to know why I had been away for so long. All the parties, getting the sewing and shopping done kind of caught up with me. I promised her I would sit down and do something over the weekend and here it is Sunday already. I hope you enjoy the overload of holiday fun!

Christmas Club at Camille's. Look how pretty her table was. She had made the table arrangements that morning. She used to work at Olsen's greenhouse, she does a beautiful job on flowers. She had a cute litte Christmas pin on the napkin and a tea towel with a poem attached by each place setting.

Can you beleive how pretty her dishes are, and her silverware is just as nice. Here's the shocker, I picked up my silverware to start eating and their plastic! Yup plastic, oh and the plates are plastic too! These are the nicest set of throw aways I've ever seen. My mom would have wanted to save and wash this kind of stuff. So if your in the market for really nice tableware for your next holiday party she said she got them at Costco.

This is all that was at dinner that night, Camille Voorhees, Melanie Newell, Jan Andrews, Melba Romero and myself. Camille served a lovely ham dinner with all the trimmings. By the end of the evening Kaye and Sharon had joined in on the fun to. Thanks Camille for such a wonderful evening. We are all looking forward to another great year of fun get togethers. I get to start the new year off, I have the January club. I need to start thinking of some fun menu ideas, have you got any fun suggestions for me? Help me out here would ya.

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deborah peake said...

Camille always was very creative. Her table was beautiful. Hope all is well with everyone. Tell everyone hello!!