December 2, 2008

MicKinley's Quilt

Little Miss M and her cute snuggly Christmas quilt. She likes laying on it and watching the Christmas tree lights. What a fun way to have a nap, all cuddled up in something this soft.
Mike and Kaityln came up north on Saturday, so they popped in for a little visit. McKinley wasn't here on Thanksgiving to get her quilt like the other three grandkids. I surprised her with it when she got here. Mike helped her open it. Kaitlyn was more excited about it than anybody. She said she was going to help break it in for her. Her quilt is all snowmen prints in these cute bright colors and I backed hers with bright pink minkie. I made it a little bit bigger so she could enjoy it for many more years. She looked all cute wrapped up in it. Mike, Kaitlyn and McKinley
McKinley and Grandpa rockin together. She is getting cuter and cuter as the days go by, she turned 2 months old on the 30th. Where has the time gone?

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