December 21, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho

On Wednesday me and the girls took the kids to the mall to get their pictures taken in their cute new Christmas outfits. After we finished up with that little "ordeal" we took the kids to see Santa Clause, what fun it is to see the excitement on their faces as they sit on his lap. Here they are patiently waiting for Santa to return from his lunch hour.

Santa, meet McKinley Kaye Mitchell. Look at the smile on his face, you can truly tell he loves his job and the children he see's everyday.

Karas, Thayne and Hatch meeting Santa and telling him what's on their list this year. Karas was just delighted to see him. She loved him.

Look at Thayne, can you imagine what he's thinking. He's wondering who in the heck is this guy with all the white stuff on his face! Too cute.

Have we been naughty or nice? Nice of course, look how cute this picture is, how could any of these cute kids be naughty!!

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