December 2, 2008

Girl's Day

On Monday we had our December girl's day at Kira's. We had two new comers joining us. Little Miss M and my sister Jan. We were so excited to have Jan join us. The kids just love her and Karas is even starting to call her Aunt Jan Jan just like my kids did growing up. We had fun working on our different projects. Jan was making Christmas cards, Kaitlyn was making really cute tins for the ladies that she Visit Teaches. I was kind of working at a snails pace, I wasn't to perky as I had just had some mouth surgery earlier that morning. I had taken one of my pain pills and was kind of out of it just ask the girls! Ouch it still hurts! Kira was trying to work on her Christmas cards but we had her so busy cutting all our paper. Sorry Kira, I hope you got work on them later that night. I think McKinley was happy to be there too! She is just learning to smile when you talk to her.
It's lunch time, when we got there the kids were starving, so they decided to go get fat juicy hamburgers at the Conoco, they have the best burgers in Santaquin. That was all fine and good with every one but me, the Dr. put me on a cold, soft diet for these first couple of days.

Here are Kaitlyn, Jan and Kira enjoying their yummy food, just gobbling up those burgers and fries. And look what they brought me from the Red Barn in Santaquin.
Aggie Ice Cream! They called and said they had peppermint and Kaitlyn knows I love it this time of year so they spoiled me this big cup of it. It was really good, can you tell by the look on my face?
Here's Jan showing off her finished card she made, now she only has 34 more to go. Way to go Jan. I hope you join us every month now that your a retired lady.

These next two pictures are of Kira and Kaitlyn with their ornaments that they have been collecting over the years. Ever since Kira was a baby we started a tradition of going and getting a new ornament for the Christmas tree. Even though Kira has been married for 7 years, she has left these home and I have just used them on the tree. The same with Kaitlyn I got to enjoy hers one year when she left. But this year they decided they wanted to use them on their own trees. This is bittersweet for me, there are so many memories of the kids picking out their favorite. I'm going to miss them on my tree. We will still have Jacobs for a few more years I hope. I'll just have to come up with something fun to do with all those trucks on my tree! A few years ago me and Stuart started this. I knew that this day would come sooner than later and I wanted to carry on this tradition with him. Enjoy your ornaments girl's, I hope as you are hanging them on your trees you think of all the fun times we had picking them out.

Here is a glance of some of Kaitlyn's, the rocking horse in the corner was her Baby's first Christmas. Kira and John have started this with their kids, I wonder if McKinley will be getting her first ornament this year.


Shortcake and Company said...

What a fun Girl's Day! From the ice cream to the stamping. You know our family, we've done the Hallmark ornament things for years too and when Mom gave us our ornaments when we got married, her tree looked so bare. It was hard on everybody. For the past few years, we've been finding the same ornaments on eBay and surprising her with a few of each of us kids' favorites. It's been great. You girls are so fun.

Anonymous said...

I agree the peppermint ice cream was awesome! Sorry, you left it here and I finished the cup last night!

bibliophile said...

Shannon, thank you for the fantastic apron! I cannot express how much I love it! And the rest of the package was just lovely; I think you made that Seasons Greetings bag, right? You are very talented, thank you for blessing me with some of it. Merry Christmas!