April 1, 2009

Wild & Crazy Trip!

What a fun weekend, a little bit of everything on this trip to St. George. I invited my club friends to come along. It's been awhile since we have all been away together. As usual not everyone was able to join in on the fun. It was only myself, Kaye and Liz this time. Melba joined us on Saturday. I had already signed up for a quilt class that was being offered at Mormon Handicraft so I had to leave on Thursday. Kaye thought that sounded fun so I called and got her in the class to. Liz wanted to leave on Thursday to so we were off for a fun filled weekend just the three of us. This is the quilt layed out and ready to sew. You sew and quilt it as you go. You layer the back, batting and top and just start sewing. Kaye had a bit of difficulty at first but by the end of the weekend she had picked it back up and started sewing on it again.

One of our first stops on Friday was TJ Maxx, we did a little shopping there and at a few other places. I think we all found something to buy, well I'm pretty sure we did! Then we went to find us a yummy sugar cookie from Grandma Tobler's Bakery.

Mrs. Tobler's is in the Sunset shopping plaza at Sunset and Bluff, stop in sometime and check out their huge selection of pastries. So good, it's hard to decide on just one thing. Kaye bought cinnamon rolls to. We didn't lack for goodies on this trip, I forgot to get a picture of all of them on the kitchen cupboard. You wouldn't believe the junk we had.

Friday about 4:00 we had lupper (lunch and supper put together) at Texas Roadhouse, this is one of my all time favorites. Kaye had never been to one before. I hope she liked it and is ready to go back.

After we ate we went back to the house and did a little sewing and relaxing. I bound a little quilt that I had taken down with me. Kaye worked on Alexa's quilt and Liz worked on a fleece throw she was making for the Benjamin stockshow. You would think we were a bunch of old ladies at a quilting bee. We had a lot of fun though just visiting and laughing.

Kaye was able to get all her blocks sewn together in rows, you sew girls!!

Saturday morning about 9:30 we got a phone call from Melba saying she made it, what a crazy lady! She said she was going to run and do a temple session before catching up with us. Kaye only had to think about that for a minute, she had bought a cute dress on Friday so we called Melba back and she swung in and got Kaye and they both went to the temple. Me and Liz stayed back at the house and sewed for a little while and then got cleaned up. When they returned we went and had lunch at Rise and Shine and off we went for a day of shopping. We started at Krumpet's. What a fun place this is especially when a nice man from your old stomping grounds of Spanish Fork greets you at the door. Allen and Kaleah Julian were there and were just coming out the door as we were going in. Allen could see us coming from inside and opened the door for us. Boy were we surprised. They live in Encoh and were in St. George for softball games. It was nice to visit with them for a little bit, they had their daughter in law and cute grand baby with them. We are the same age, we graduated with these two. How fun that was. I wish I had gotten a picture.

Melba, Kaye and Liz at Krumpet's

Doing a little Easter shopping at the big K, we had some fun laughing at the bunnies and chicks. I had pushed the button on several of them so they were dancing and singing at the same time.

After we had been to Kohl's and the grand opening of Shoe Carnival we made our way to the winding line of the drive up window of In and Out Burger. This is another stop we have to make when in the St. George area. Crazy huh?

We took our burgers back to the house so Liz could watch the Jazz game. I finished up my little quilt from the class on Thursday night and started a couple of bags too. Kaye sewed on her quilt and Melba probably thought we were all crazy old ladies.

The finished quilt. After you wash and dry it all the little patches fray just a bit to give it the antique look. I made the quilt from the new Snippetts line from Moda.

Kaye finished up her quilt for Alexa, now all she needs done is to have it quilted. Good job Kaye I'm so proud of you. Now you can finish your little one.

And Liz finished up her fleece quilt. This turned out so cute and bright. Liz said she needs to get away more often. She got alot more done down there than she would have at home.

I told you we all found something to buy. We shopped, sewed, laughed, ate, ate, ate, and ate. We had such a good time. They want to do this again in the fall. Start saving the money now girl's!!

Tah-da, we conquered! We got everything loaded and set off to head home. Bad weather reports from home, husbands adviced us to stay another night. Dang! We went and did a little more shopping, we got lunch and went back to the house. We unloaded the sewing machines and sewed. We got up early Monday morning and headed home. What can I say but a FUN time had by all.


Shortcake and Company said...

Shannon, you and your girls are so darn cute. How fun!!

kayejohns16 said...

Thanks Shannon for such a great
weekend!! WOW we had so much fun.
Thanks also Stuart for giving up your weekend,and letting us go instead. We accomplished soooo
much, but also had soooooo much
fun. Thanks for always helping me to
be better. Love you tons!!

deborah peake said...

Looks like you had a wild weekend!!! Lots of fun and shopping!! You all have become great quilters and isn't it fun to enjoy just staying in and quilting. I do alot of that and enjoy every minute. I wish I could join you someday on one of your trips. Tell everyone hello from me. Deborah

Des said...

Oh that quilt is super cute out of snippets!!!! So fresh and colorful! You're killin' me with the In N Out. mean. I also love the Pizza Factory in St. George.

starving now.

Corrie said...

That quilt is adorable out of the Snippets! And I've seen a lot of them. What a fun trip. Happy Anniversary!