February 6, 2009

Sewing, A Family Affair!

I'm glad my girls both like to sew. Kira has been sewing since she was in Jr. High. But just lately she has picked it up again. Hum, having 3 small kids can sometimes put things on hold! She is a beautiful sewer and does a great job on everything she sews. And Kaitlyn took sewing to in Jr. High but it wasn't really her cup of tea. She was involved with other interests. But since her in-laws gave her a machine for Mother's Day last year she has picked up on it again. She is still in the learning process and is loving every minute. She keeps asking me to do some other projects that are easy enough for her. We have all joined the Amy Butler Bag swap that Suzee is sponsoring. Thursday while at work they both popped into see me and to help them pick out their fabric. Kira and Thayne were there first thing as we opened up. It's easier to do some shopping with just one! Kaitlyn and Miss M stopped in later that afternoon. What's a mother to do?, but to have fun with her girl's, they are the light of my life and we have alot of fun when were together. I just wished they both lived a little closer so we could get together and sew more often.

Thayne was just loving all the attention from my co-workers as well as the customers in the shop. He thought it was just ok to sit here on the cutting table.

He didn't sit very long though, there was lots more to see around him, he would of crawled off the table if we would have let him.

Thanks for starting my day off right Kira and Thanye, and thanks for the Diet Coke! It got me through the day. Notice the quilt above Kira's head, it's beautiful. I'm taking the class in March, it's going to look awesome in my new family room. Come join me in the class. I'd love your company.

And here is Miss M and myself, Kaitlyn always has her looking like a million bucks. Isn't she adorable. She has the biggest blue eyes and you should she her eyelashes, they look like Kaitlyn curls them!
Look what I can do Grammie! Miss M is only 4 months old and is starting to sit up all by herself, I was afraid she was going to fall off the counter. Isn't a Grandma suppose to worry about those kind of things? So cute.

I'm a big girl now! Watch out world here I come!

They both got the fabrics for their bags, they are going to be really cute. Their partners will be quite impressed with their bags I'm sure. Kira sent me a text picture later in the afternoon showing off her completed bag. How did she do that? It's adorable. I'm going to Levan on Monday to help Kaitlyn with her bag.

Well after all the visitor's had left for the day I decided to pick out my own fabrics, isn't it cute. All of our bags are in the same color scheme from the Daisy Chain line from who else, Amy Butler. My partner wanted a new diaper bag, so here goes a challenge, I've never sewn a diaper bag. The pattern I picked out looks quite simple to make. Wish me luck!


kayejohns16 said...

You have way to much fun to call your work a job. What a fun day for you.

Kaitlyn said...

I hope you partner doesnt see that would ruin the surprise. HA HA love i cant wait for you to come help me i am so excited to do this. what else can i put with it??? LOVE YA

deborah peake said...

What fun!! I think your little Miss M is too cute. Thayne has the cutest smile. He looks happy all the time. It's always fun to hang with the daughters. I know i enjoy mine. Have you got fun new material for little girl blankies.. I will stop in soon. Love, Deborah

Suzee said...

Hey, I don't know if you have looked at my blog recently, but you won!!! I am pretty sure that you have the Mariah Bag, so, let me know what else you would want.