February 14, 2009

Dinner for Two!

Stuart and I spent Valentine's evening alone just like every other night of the week. We had dinner at a lovely bar located inside the White house. I did put a twist into dinner tonight "I" cooked, we dressed up, and added candles!! The menu consisted of meatloaf (broke for steak), scalloped potatoes, french style green beans, a yummy pineapple slice with cottage cheese. Dessert was chocolate strawberries provided by Pam & Doc. How did they know I hadn't planned anything for dessert but days old sugar cookies! (without frosting of course)
The nice centerpiece was provided by Stuart, he has been sending me a dozen roses since before we were married. Valentine's wouldn't be the same without a bouquet of roses from my Sweetheart! Thank you for always thinking of me in this way. Love you, Stuart.
(Side note, we just about had a fire at dinner, look how close the flame is to the greenery !)

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Shortcake and Company said...

That's just the way a Valentine's dinner should be. You two are too cute!