February 3, 2009

Meeting new Blog Friends!

Wow! What a fun workday at the quilt shop. Everyday at lunch time it's the same question,"Did you bring a lunch?" "No did you?" "How about you, "Well I could eat one of my frozen dinners that's in the freezer", Suzanne replies. " Or have you got a better offer she asks". We pull out the menu binder, this binder is chuck full of menu's from all sorts of places from Chinese to Mexican, pizza or burger joints. Let's see how about the Italian Place, the only problem is that it's in Spanish Fork and were in Springville. None of us really could leave the store that long so I called my sweet husband to see if he would run and get it. It's just across the street from our business, in about 20 minutes we had our lunch. Isn't that the nicest thing ever. Your the best Stuart, thanks for doing us that huge favor.

I was just finishing lunch when Alice, a good friend of mine came in the shop to pick out her Amy Butler fabric for the Bag Swap that we are both in. Her partner is going to love what she picked out for her bag. Thanks for stopping by Alice, I had a fun time helping you out with your selection. Great choices.

A few minutes after Alice had gone this cute lady came in the store, she smiled at me and went about picking up some fat quarters. Every now and then I would see her looking at me. She came up to me and asked "Are you Shannon?" I said, "Yes, can I help you?, and in the cutest way she replied, I'm kind of embarassed to say this but I look at your blog all the time." She found me through a apron swap we did last fall, and has been following me since. She had read that I worked at the Corn Wagon so she came in to introduce herself. We chatted a minute and I asked her what her name was. She is Daurene and she lives in Orem. Come to find out she is also in the Amy Butler Bag Swap, so that's two that came into day to let me help them with picking out their fabrics. Oh my gosh, she has the cutest pattern she is going to be using, and the fabric she chose is adorable. Her partner is one lucky lady to have gotten Daurene, she's going to love her bag too. I like making new friends even if they are blog stalkers! jk Daurene, I'm so glad she came in to meet me. I hope she comes in more often now, and I know I'll keep in touch with her through her blog site. Thanks for sharing it with me Daurene. See you soon and happy sewing! Have I mentioned that I love my job!

A little side note, Shannon's Quilt (Dresden) is back from traveling and is now hanging in the shop. Stop in and take a peek.


Alice said...

It was great seeing you at the shop. It is fun meeting new people and of corse buying fabric!!!

Shortcake and Company said...

Aren't blogs funny that way? You can peek in on people and feel like you know them! But, I'm glad I {really} know you. :)

daurenet said...

Hi Shannon, Hey what a nice entry. I loved meeting you. Thanks so much for your help with my fabric. I ended up changing some of my fabrics for my handbag. So cute. Can't wait to see it done. You have inspired me to update my blog. Hopefully it can happen after Sunday. (I have to give a talk in church). Wish me luck!