February 3, 2009


I'm sure most of you had Super Bowl parties on Sunday, not here at the Whitehouse. I guess you could say I tackled a huge project though. I went into my sewing room just to vacum and one thing led to another. I've been wanting to switch things around in the sewing room for a long time and just haven't done it. Touchdown! Yea, for the White Team. The mounds of fabric in the corner are now sorted and put away, the sewing machine is cleaned and moved to a different place, things are rearranged in the whole room. I still need to do a little shaping up, I'll post pictures in a few days. Here are a few pictures of the first quarter, I think I'm loosing the game! Time for a pep talk!

Wow, we need a touchdown here, NOW!

The Captain of the White Team, he'll help me win this game!

The desk isn't to bad but could use a change of direction!

What to do with all these finished quilts! Well not really, they still need to be quilted. I took the old drying rack out because it was taking up so much space, I need something fun to display the quilts though. THINK,THINK,THINK! I need something vintage. Have you got anything to suggest. Check out the huge spool in the corner, this was a find at Heritage, love it!


Shortcake and Company said...

I love when I can complete an overdue project. You're so cute in how you wrote about your touchdown of a project. Yeah for you!

Alice said...

Looks great!!!!