February 6, 2009

Sewing with Kaye

A few weeks ago I got a phone call from one of my good friends, Kaye. She called to compliment me on my blog and all the fun stuff that I had been doing. She said she couldn't leave a comment, she had to tell me in person. I've blogged about Kaye a few times in the past, she has just finished up her treatment sessions and is ready to do something different. During our phone call she said that she was overwhelmed with all the love and support she had gotten while she had been sick and that it was her turn to give back in some way. She asked me if I could teach her something new like sewing. I can't really explain the warm feeling I was feeling inside of me, I am honored that she would ask me to help her in her mission. "Of course I will" I told her, what an awesome thing to see when someone learns something new. "Let's get started" I told her. Kaye said she really wanted to do a simple quilt project and she really liked the quilt I had done for Jacob for Christmas. I told her this was an easy one and that she would be able to do it. She came to the Corn Wagon on Saturday and got her fabric and thread. She is making it out of the Hello Betty line we just got in. This quilt is made from a layer cake so it's fairly simple to cut out. It's called Floating Square.
We have set aside Wednesday's to sew, she will be coming to my place and bringing her machine.
I showed Kaye how to cut a couple squares and then she was on her own. She did a great job cutting now let's see what she can do at the sewing machine. I sewed the first block so she could see how it was put together, then I set her free on the Mercedes(sewing machine).

You sew girl! She did it, only having to unpick one seam. Good job Kaye.

Look at that face! I'm just as proud of her as she is. I think she's going to be a good student. Her homework for next Wednesday is to complete 5 blocks. I bet it hasn't dawned on her that she forgot her thread! How can she do her homework without it? What a nice afternoon we shared together catching up and laughing. I'm already looking forward to next Wednesday. I will be blogging about Kayes sewing quest, so watch for them as we sew along on her quilt.


Alice said...

How fun! What cute material!

texoilyman said...

What's that gigling going on in the sewing room? Oh, it just Shannon and she has found someone else to keep her company. Me hallering done the hall isn't much company. Well I guess I'll be able to find her now on Wednesday's. Hope the two of you have fun!

deborah peake said...

That looks like fun!! She picked a great teacher with alot of talent. I can hardly wait to see the finished project. That quilt you did for Jacob was darling. I am glad to see Kaye looking so good. You are both great people with alot of talent. Keep smiling and have fun!! Enjoy your Wednesdays together. Deborah

kayejohns16 said...

Thanks Shannon for the fun. I wouldn't have let you take pictures if I would have known you were going to post them. I did remember that I left my thread when I got home, but it seems like Alexa has been home more just because I am trying to sew and keep it a secret. I will get my homework done, and can't wait until Wednesday. Thanks for always helping me. You are the GREATEST!