February 24, 2009

Shannon's Fabulous Finds!!

This is going to be kind of a comical post. Here are my fabulous finds that I found in St. George last week. First of all we went to Freddies to get the car wash so while Stuart was doing that I walked over to TJ Maxx & More to see what I couldn't live without. If you have been shopping with me to TJ'S you know I can usually find something to buy. This trip was different, I didn't buy anything because it was just to hard to decide from all of the great stuff! You decide for yourself!! #1. Where in the heck would you put this. Isn't she beautiful, wow she has one nice figure though!

#2. I suppose these would be great for the Mardi Gras party your having! Your'e all having one aren't you? By the way today is Mardi Gras Tuesday, I didn't receive my invite!!

#3. I couldn't bring myself to seperate these two kitty's so I left them both there!! Where do they find this stuff? Well what do you think? Now you know why I didn't buy anything!

After we had been to the car wash and TJ'S we rode out to the western store. We can always find something to buy there. Not that we need it, but it's fun to look. I bought some really nice towels for the new bathroom downstairs last time. Stuart's been waiting for a hat to come in there, still not in. We browsed a minute and I spotted these cute boots, it was a toss up between the 2 pairs! The high heel boots, well they didn't have my size. (Darn!!)Where in the world would I wear these anyways. I don't think I've worn anything that high since the 80's. I ended up getting the square toed pair. Cute huh?
We drove out to Santa Clara to Grandma Tobler's bakery. This is such a yummy bakery I highly recommend it when your driving through. You can't miss it. It's in a little old house that is painted pink just like the sugar cookie I bought!

They only had one cookie left, an oinker! So of course from one little piggy to another I had to
have it! So worth every bite. Just call me piggy!

The other finds of the day, a pecan cinnamon roll and sticky bun. That's what we had for lunch that day. Not so nutritous but worth every bite!

On Friday we drove down to Mesquite to do a little shooting. Stuart spoils me by renting a golf cart to get from station to station. It beats walking anytime!I'm getting a little better at this game, Stuart brought along a different gun for me. Let's say I kicked butt, I got a whopping 11 out of 50. Not to bad huh?

Shannon with a gun! Dangerous but fun.
  • Stuart always does well at every station. I guess that comes with lots of practice. All in all we had a great week of get away fun. So my shopping excursions weren't the best this time but we sure had fun. I forgot to take pictures of my fabulous finds from the quilt stores. I'll try to get the projects completed so you can see what I bought there. Darn more sewing to do!


texoilyman said...

I think you did great. The biggest accompishment was that you shot at all 50 birds. 20% is good for the first full shoot. That's how you get better. Thanks, Jacob for letting mom use your youth sized gun! Makes shooting much easier when you can hold a gun and shoot it with ease.

Angie said...

Those boots you got are way cute! Looks like you had fun at TJ's. "Shannon with a gun. Dangerous but fun," that made me laugh! I'm a little dangerous with one as well :)

Shortcake and Company said...

I think it's the cutest thing how you two take time out for yourselves. You're such a fun blogger too. I'm glad you left the finds at TJ Maxx though..weird! LOL.

Kaitlyn said...

I am glad you had fun this past weekend. Yeah those TJ maxx findings were funny but glad you left them there. I love those boots you got and I like the high heeled ones to. I am glad you getting into the sport of shooting to i miss it.