February 14, 2009

I'm "Tagging" You!

Wednesday I was sewing a Valentine's gift for Angie when the mail came. Look what my sweet husband ordered for me. I have often commented that I would like a tag to put on my finished sewing projects. Stuart located a website that produced tags and ordered me a bunch. Thanks hun! Now everything will come complete with a It's SEW Shannon tag. This is the Valentine's gift for Angie, a new handbag. This is such an easy pattern to follow and it makes a cute handbag. The pattern is the Swing Bag from Amy Butler.

The pattern doesn't have you put a pocket inside or a key fob, those are things I added myself.

Angie is the first to get tagged with the sewn with love tag! It will be fun to tag all the things I create with my own unquie signature. It's SEW Shannon!


Anonymous said...

That's so neat mom. very cool idea.

PS-I love this quilt you made me....thanks mom. What would I do without ya?

Love You

Shortcake and Company said...

That's too perfect! What a thoughtful idea.

Alice said...

I love those tags. My Grandma always taught us to be proud of our work and make sure to label it.

Becky said...

Hi Shannon, I'm Angie's mom. You did great on the bag and what a perfict thing to give my girl, she is crazy for bags!! Angie talks highly of you and your family, I look forward to meeting you some day.