February 11, 2009

White house Valentine's Dinner

Love is in the air at the White House. We all met for dinner on Sunday evening to celebrate Valentine's. Jacob was is town for the weekend so we like to get together to do things when he is home. We missed having Angie here with us (the joy of having to work for a living gets to all of us). We had a yummy dinner and then we set everything out on the counter to decorate sugar cookies. This is something the kids like to do. Hatch just couldn't wait to get started. This is something I started last year and he hadn't forgot about it. So messy but it's sooooo fun! This is the decorated dinner table. I like to go all out for this dinner, just about as much as our Thanksgiving dinner.

Hatch spotted this huge Hershey Kiss on the table. I told him he could have it if he shared it with Karas. Who doesn't love chocolate. He gave me a big thank you "KISS" for it, then in about 2 or 3 bites it was gone!Sharing a big kiss with Karas! Oh yuck, do I have to!

Karas is into saying prayers lately. This is her after dinner prayer. Mommy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy, Amen.
Let's decorate those cookies!
Only a face a Grandma could love. Karas just kept frosting this same cookie over and over again. She had frosting all over including her shirt front.

Even little Miss M got in on the action. She even got a taste of the frosting off her cookie.

Jacob isn't a big fan of sugar cookies (what? not a fan, what's wrong with this kid) but he jumped right in to decorate some for Angie to take back to Idaho.
J + K = one cute couple!
In all the years Stuart and I have been married he never liked all that sweet stuff on his cookies. So everytime I make them I leave several unfrosted for him. I decorated this cookie in honor of him. Look how cute my side is!
What fun Hatch had, he likes to use initials, so all of his cookies were branded with an "H". Thayne missed out on all the fun, he was napping just about the whole time they were here.

Another cute couple, K+M=fun.
After the mess was cleaned up, the kids got to open their Valentine gifts. Hatch got some K-Nex, Karas got Cinderella dress up stuff, and the babies got a cute little replica of some old Fisher Price toys. Thayne's was the barn and McKinley's was the cute house they had out years ago.
Hatch got the master truck builder - JACOB - to help with the new truck project!

Karas was so cute, she loves being dressed up and was just adoring herself in the bathroom mirror. What a little princess she is.

All in all it was a fun filled day with lots of love and laughter.


Anonymous said...

It was a great day, thats for sure. I don't get many days at home, so I've sure learned to cherish the ones like these.

deborah peake said...

I agree with Stuart, I don't like the frosting either. just plain and simple. It looks like fun. You are always having fun and the White house!!

Shortcake and Company said...

Now THAT is one fun night. I seriously adore your sugar cookies. The picture of Kara cracked me up with her wig and all. You're such a good Grandmama.

Kaitlyn said...

That was a fun day i love getting together for Valentines day. What could be better then sharing the love. Love ya thanks for the memories