February 18, 2009

"SEW" and Tell

Remember that special day in elementary school that was designated just for show and tell? It was always so fun to find the neatest stuff around the house, or to take your souviner from your recent family vacation. You were always excited to share the news. I've decided I'm going to have a "SEW" and Tell blog entry every now and then to show and tell you about the projects I'm working on or completed. Fun huh? Do you have something for show and tell that you want to share? Either send me the picture ( I will put them on my blog or go ahead and put them on your blog and let me know so we can send other sewers your way to take a peek. What a fun way to share our ongoing projects. Here are a few "sew" and tells I've been working on. The first one is a quilt I started back in August at the quilting retreat I went to. Yeah, one of the unfinished projects that I said I wanted to get done is finished. Now about 10 more to go! This quilt is called the Disappearing 9 patch. It is really simple to make. I used 3 charm packs and extra yardage for the borders. This makes a nice throw size quilt. This one is going to the St. George house for all to use. We don't have anything but crocheted afaghan's that were my mom's and I don't really like my toes sticking out the holes.

Complete with one of my new labels.

I know you have seen a picture of this quilt but I just had to show it off. This is how it looks hanging in the quilt shop. We have sold all of the patterns we had printed so it's time to get more done. We still have a few of the kits left if you are interested.

Let's SWING yada yada! My Simply Sewing girls love making bags so I showed them the idea of making a purse or handbag. We have already made tote bags that most of them use for their church callings so they thought it was a great idea to make the purse. Here are the two samples of the SWING bag I have completed. I fell in love with the dark brown one when it was finished that I have decided to use it for myself. I did add pockets and a key fob to make it more personal. I also made this fun little boxy bag to hold all the little things in a women's purse that fall right to the bottom. I also made a checkbook cover that turned out to small! I'll have to do some reajusting on the next one! Oh well. Lesson learned. I don't know what I'll do with the green one, a gift for someone special I asume.
The inside of the bag and my boxy bag and checkbook cover that's to small!! Mistakes happen, keep on sewing!


Judi J said...

Shannon, your sew talented.Is there anything you can't do?

I'm doing some Baby quilts for our Ward Budget(budget isn't the word they used but I can't remember what it's called)anyway when there finished I'll post them on my blog and let you know.


Melody said...

Love your new bags. You are sew creative.

Micah and Melinda said...

You are so incredibly talented!

Abbie S-Dyer said...

i tried sending you an email at the aol address, but it came back as undeliverable. i wanted to thank you for my wonderful bag! it is absolutely beautiful & perfect. it brought tears to my eyes when i saw all the little "extras" for my diaper bag! i'm already transferring things into it, and using it right away for my little ones! Can't wait to show my mommy group!
is that a pattern you used? my s.i.l. just had a baby and i would like to make one just like it for her! thank you again! i love it.

daurenet said...

Hi Shannon,
hey I came into the store last Thursday, wanted to show you my bag in person. Turned out so cute. Love it I just hope that my partner likes it. Check out my blog and take a look. See ya later.

Gayle said...

Shannon, This is Gayle Davies. I hope that you don't mind I am a blog stalker. I love reading your blog. I always knew that you were amazing but you really are. You have inspired me to clean my sewing room and do some projects. I don't have alot of extra time in my day, but I now make time for my sewing room. So thank you.