May 18, 2009

Another bag!

Hi, my name is Shannon and I'm a Bag-aholic. As I told you in an earlier post. These things are so fun to make and there are so many to try. Here is another one to prove it! I just finished up this cute bag. I made it from some directions I read in a magazine. I think I wanted to do it because I needed a challenge. This bag has 8 big gromets that the handle goes through. I had never done these before. What a snap they were to do. I want to try them again they were so easy. Take a peek at my new bag, see what ya think. I guess I'll use this one for a while now or until something new comes along that I can't live without. Isn't the fabric adorable on this bag. For the bottom I picked up some linen at JoAnn's and the rest came from Gracie Lou's. I even found a cute little fob to hang from the outside zippered pocket that I threw in before sewing the lining in. The directions didn't call for it, I just added it myself just like the key fob and an extra pocket.


Anonymous said...

It turned out very cute, I might have to steal that pattern!

Suzee said...

I love it!!! What magazine did it come out of? Also, what pattern did you use for your sew along?

Ariane said...

I have this bag on my to sew list. It's nice to see it all sewn up! For this purse I got some pop garden fabric for the fun fabric part.