May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who may be visiting my blog today. I hope your day is filled with all those things you enjoy the most and that your hubbies and kids are taking good care of you because we all know you deserve it. I just wanted to share this beautiful bouquet of flowers that my sweet husband surprised me with on Friday night. When the kids were small Stuart never had a gift for me because I wasn't his mother, but he always made sure he had taken the kids to get that special something that they could give me. Now that all the kids have gone, he started this cute tradition about 3 years ago of bringing home a bouquet of flowers for me. He signs the card "Happy Lover's Day", he said if it weren't for a lover's day I wouldn't be a Mom in the first place! (He might not like me for sharing this little tidbit) I thought this was a great idea. Thanks for the lovely flowers Stuart.
I've been a mother now for 27 years and my oldest daughter, Kira has been a mother for over 6 years! This is my youngest daughter, Kaitlyn's first "official" Mother's Day. It's fun to share such a special day devoted just for us. These 2 cute mom's mean the world to me. I'm thankful they are a part of my life, that we can laugh and spend time together doing the fun things we do. So Happy Mother's Day you two.

May 2008, using our Mother's Day gift certificates to Primrose Retreat.
Kira and Baby Hatch
Being a Mom can be a little over whelming at times but I have to say it's one of the most rewarding jobs there ever was. Both of my girl's are great little mom's, their kids are lucky to have them as their Mom.
Kaitlyn and Little Miss M (McKinley)

I want to pay tribute to two special ladies in my life. My mom and Stuart's mom. What great examples and inspirations they were to many of us. I love my mom and miss her day to day influence, laughter, and most of all her love. My mom always loved the way I expressed my talents, she liked getting the things I had created for her. I guess you could say that my mom was my number one fan. For believing in me, I will always be grateful to my mom.
My Mom...
Today's a day to celebrate you,
the amazing woman who never stopped giving and caring,
laughing and loving...
I hope you will always know
how much you're loved,
and appreciated for being the
wonderful Mother and Woman you were.
Love, Shannon

I never had the priveledge to meet Stuart's mom, Lela Rae. She passed away before I was a part of his life. I have heard so many nice stories of how genuine her love was for everyone around her, for all of those who took care of her during her many years of being bedridden. I am so thankful for the great example she has been in Stuart's life. She taught him many things in a young boy's life that would help him be prepared to be on his own. Some of these are love, cooking, responsibility, hard working, household chores etc. For this I will always be grateful because Stuart is so much more than this. He shared this cute little story with me today while we were at the cemetary visiting our Mom's. He said when he was little he always bought her a
single red rose and card for Mother's Day and it couldn't be a .50 cent card it had to be a $1.00 card becuase she was the best mother in the whole wide world. To this day he buys her a single red rose. Stuart has always treated me like a queen and now I know why. His mother was one.
So thank you Lela Rae for raising such a great kid, someone I'm glad I can call my husband and freind. To you I will always be grateful.
Love, Shannon
Stuart's mom was stricken with MS when he was only 10 months old. This is his cute family,
Marriden, Edward, Stuart, Lela Rae and Steven
Lela Rae passed away in August of 1977, just after Stuart graduated from High School.


JJ said...

Shannon, happy Mothers Day to you also.
I had the privileged of knowing Lela Rae and yes she was a sweet kind lady. When I was in Mutual
(Young womens) for one of my service projects I did the White families Ironing. Lela would be sitting up in her bed and she would chat with me while I ironed away.I truly loved her.
My Dad also suffered from MS also and when ever he felt down he would visit Lela Rae because she could always make him feel better. I have always felt that one of the reason that Lela Suffered with MS was to help my Dad though is suffering. That might not make to much since to you but after Daddy would come home from visiting Lela Rae he felt he was so much better off than he thought. Daddy passed away at 5o years old and I miss him everyday. My Mom passed away in 1996 and I miss her so very much so today I celebrate her live.

texoilyman said...
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texoilyman said...

After reading the last comment I remembered being taught; When you serve your fellow man you will never know how far it will reach". I wish to Thank all those influences in my life & express Happy Mothers Day to each and every Mom I know.

Angie said...

What a touching blog, thanks for sharing it. Happy Mother's Day Shannon! Hope you had a wonderful day :) Love Angie

Kaitlyn said...

Thanks for sharing that with everyone what a great post. Thanks for being a great mom and showing me examples, and things that i sure will pass on to my kids. It was nice having you down for dinner and to spend the day with you thanks alot. Love Kaitlyn

Shortcake and Company said...

I enjoyed reading this post so much and looking at the photos. You're a great mom, Shannon. It's great to see the circle of mothers in your life. Hope you had a great day. And, Stuart, you're a crafty one just like your wife!

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

You are such a great Mom, and it has got to be great to be a grandma too.
I remember your Mom's laugh. She was so much fun to talk to!