May 20, 2009

I've been Framed!

My cute neice Chelsey, is the sweetest thing. Monday night she showed up at the front door with a gift bag and an envelope addressed to me. She said it was a thank you gift for helping her on Saturday at our sew-along. Look what was inside, isn't it the cutest frame you have ever seen? I guess if you are a sewer like me it is. She even included one of the pictures we had taken on Saturday of all the White Crew. Thank you Chelsey for thinking of me. It goes perfectly in my sewing room. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of Chelsey and her cute mystery bag. So I stole this off her blog so I could show it off to all of you. She has become quite the little sewer. You can't tell I'm the proud aunt or anything, can you? Her bag is "shut up" cute as the girl's would say around here. The trim on her bag was something I hadn't seen. It was a linen colored lace that matched her bag really well. She said they also had it in white at Gracie Lou's. I still haven't made it over to pick some up for the next bag. It is something unique and makes her bag a one of a kind.
You can't tell it but Chelsey is 7 months pregnant. She's hiding her cute little (and I mean little) belly behind her bag. This just shows you just how big this bag really is. I had lot's of fun coming up with such a fun and functional bag. The girl's had alot of fun trying to figure out from one clue to the next what was going to take shape on the bag. Hopefully I will be able to get this out in pattern form some day. Let's call this Wednesday's "Sew and Tell" should we. Got to run and get ready for my first quilt class as a teacher. I'm teaching the Antique Baby quilt at the shop tonight. I'm up against the American Idol finale, I hope everyone shows up. Happy Sewing, Shannon
This is it, the Vintage Baby quilt. Wish me luck!


Alice said...

Hope your class goes well. Maybe everyone there will have tivo. I have a kit to make a quilt like that. Now I will know who to call if I have questions.

Melody said...

Hi Shannon,
What a sweetie she is for bringing you that frame. I would love to know where to buy one for some of my pals. Good Luck with you class, I am sure they will all be there.
Happy Stitches,
Melody said...

What a cute bag. Was that the mystery bag they were doing down at Gracie Lou's? I'm so out of the loop now. Did you know I don't work there anymore!? *sniff, sniff* I'm sad, but just too busy with Crazy Old Ladies, y'know. I'll have to come by CW and say HI sometime soon.
Happy Sewing!

StubbsFamily said...

Can I e-mail you about a pattern I'm not sure how to do?

Thanks, Amanda

Shortcake and Company said...

Wow...look at me on your blog. Thanks, Shannon. I had a ball with you and your girls. You're such a special person and aunt. I love ya!
Oh, and Melody...I picked it up the frame at Rod Works.

daurenet said...

Hin Shannon,
Hey I finished one of my wall quilts. SO cute and I am going to finish up the other one. Hey where is Gracie Lou's? I have never heard of it. Can you let me know? How was your week end? Ours here at the cabin has been so nice. I love Island Park. We only had 1437 people at church!
Crazy I tell ya.
Love ya, daurenet