May 4, 2009

St. George Happenings

Last weekend Stuart and I spent a nice quiet weekend just relaxing and enjoying the warm weather of St. George. This will probably be the last until fall as it gets a little warm there in the summer time. We spent Friday morning at the temple doing a session. The temple grounds were so beautiful with all the spring flowers just blooming about. That afternoon we had lupper at Outback Steakhouse and then we set of to do a little grocery shopping at Harmon's for the rest of the weekend. As we were walking toward the produce isle I spotted this!
Look, it's the Snow West Magazine and who just happens to be on the cover this month? If you guessed Jacob you are absolutely correct. It does a Mom & Dad proud to run onto something like this in the grocery store. I bet everyone thought I was crazy taking pictures of a magazine rack! But it's not everyday you see this in St. George. Exciting huh?
It was a toss up which one to buy, the Snow West Magazine or the Quilt Magazine. I went with the Quilt Magazine just because I already have 2 or 3 copies of the Snow West. I wanted to make sure I left plenty there for customers to buy. Anyways, Jacob always sees to it that we have some before they hit the news stands.

This is how we make cookies St. George style. The box says Heart Healthy but who needs that when the chocolate chips are just a hop skip and a jump from the cookie mixes! You know me and chocolate.
Saturday we took a drive down through Overton and ended up in Las Vegas. Another one of those road trips where you see lots of rocks and sagebrush. Ok, I'm getting the idea that we actually live in a desert! No scenic pictures, sorry.

I know you won't know what this is but there is a little story to go with the picture. My dad was famous for keeping records on everything he did. When he bought something new, when he watered at the farm, sprayed weeds, you now get the jest of his record keeping. Sunday as we were getting ready to leave I shut off the water and put the water heater on vacaction and then I noticed this little paper sticking out of the water softner. I hadn't seen it before so I pulled it out to see what it was. Guess what Dad had started a record of how much salt he had been adding and what day. This had been going on two years, so the last time to his records the water softner hasn't had salt in it for 5 years! Who is suppose to take over this job of keeping the records posted. Yes there has been salt added since then just for the records!! We don't know how much or when.

What a guy my Dad was.


JanTSouthwick said...

The water softener story makes me smile. And guess what I had just came upon this past weekend? Yep, the exact same thing by the water softener at my house. And Channing and I lauged about it because only our dad would keep a record of that.

Alice said...

I'm sure that gave you a warm fuzzy when you saw you dad's handwriting.