May 18, 2009

Mystery Bag Revealed!

What a fun day Myself and my sewing girls had on Saturday. We had our first annual Simply Sew-along Saturday. I have to admit, it was a huge sucess. I was getting a little loopy towards the end but we made it through. Some of the ladies came to learn new things and others came to get caught up on some of the previous projects we have made. We enjoyed a pot lunch with salads, meat tray and home made rolls thanks to Dondy and her nice husband, Taylor. Here are a few pictures showing just how much fun we had. We missed all of you that couldn't make it, I still have your patterns ready for you if you are still interested in making them. Get in contact with me.Wild and crazy, Dondy and Shanna!

Shanna and Lou Ella. Lou Ella just about finished up all of her scrapbags plus a couple of aprons.

Kaitlyn and Kira were there the whole day sewing, what a great break from the kids, plus they got to spend the day with their Mom. What could be better than that? They were having a blast as you can tell. Kaitlyn was showing us with all her enthusiasm just how many Swing Bags she has made. She has made 6 total. You sew Kaitlyn!

Look at the fun visitors Chelsey brought. This is my sister in-law Pam. She came to work on the quilt we did last month. It turned out adorable. I was so glad to have her and Rachelle join us for the day. We have not been together for a really long time.

Rachelle just found out she's going to be a new mom, so she was all excited to come and make a couple of receiving blankets. They are 80% sure it's going to be a little girl.

Most of the girl's sewing have been with me from the start and had made every project offered so I had to come up with something really fun for them. I came up with a darling mystery bag for them to sew. They had to follow each clue to sewing their bags. I even threw in a couple of challenges for their bags, like a back outside zippered pocket and a cute little pocket for their cell phones. They all loved the bag. Here it is, Mystery Mildred as I called her.
Annie and her bag.

Shanna and Dondy sporting their new mystery bag, these two just kept telling me they wanted a big bag, so here it is you two. I hope you like it.

And this is Kaitlyn's cute bag, zoom in and see the fun little flower decoration we made for the flap of the bag.

Kira's finished bag. This bag has lots of fun pockets inside as well. If they sewed them all the way I had directed you come up with a total of 9 fun ways to use them. This bag would be a great diaper bag, sewing bag or travel bag.

Pam and Rachelle with the baby blankets they got finished. They are made out of the cutest little minky prints. I think this baby is spoiled already!
Me and the girl's with our bags.
What a fun bunch of girl's. Kaitlyn, Kira, Me, Rachelle, Chelsey and Pam. I'm so glad Chelsey invited them to come sew with us.
The next Simple Sew-along Saturday will be in 6 months, it will take me that long to recover from this one. jk. I look forward to it. Our next simply sewing project will be learning how to bind the quilts they did in April. June 9th is the night. See you there.


JanTSouthwick said...

That looks like a fun day. It ALMOST makes me wish I could sew.

JJ said...

How about doing the mystery bag on your blog. I would love to do it.