May 31, 2009

Watch out! Shooter in training

Oh my my, is this little guy ready for a gun! While we were up camping over Memorial Day weekend Uncle Jacob brought up his .22 rifle for Hatch to try his hand at shooting. He couldn't wait to get started. Stuart taught Hunter's Ed here in the community for several years and all of our kids graduated from his class. They know how to handle and shoot their own guns, so I guess it's only fitting that he starts on the grandkids now. I just can't believe we have one that's ready for it. They are so lucky to have a grandpa that knows this stuff. Once he got Hatch all set up, he had a ball shooting at the target and plastering that poor old turkey with holes. Ready,



Right smack in the center.

I think we have another shooter amongest the White house clan. How much you wanna bet me this little guy isn't staying home come hunting season this year! Nice job Hatch.

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JanTSouthwick said...

I can't believe Hatch is old enough to ride a horse and shoot a rifle. But it is Hatch though, so I guess that's not too surprising. What's next? Driving the Oil Spout delivery truck for Grandpa?