May 30, 2010

Awesome Day 5!

Are you bored with me yet? It just makes me tired looking back through all my pictures. So I can imagine what you are going through. I really hope not. I hope that you have enjoyed my journey at market. Just as I did. As you look through my pictures today, you will see that I did alot of wandering around. Sorry Emily, but when was I going to get it all in!
Saturday started off with a big surprise for both Emily and I. My favorite Moda designer came to visit us in the booth. Wow, it was Kate Spain. I was meeting someone that has left comments on my blog. She is the sweetest thing. Her Verna line is one of my favorites. She has two new lines coming out. Fandango and the 12 Days of Christmas. And oh, she also has her designs on plates and napkins. Check out Crate and Barrel and Target.
What a way to start your day!
Myself, Kate and Emily. Why is it everyone is taller than me?
These next few pictures are of my wandering around.
Anna Maria Horner's booth. I never did see her, it was always her assistant it seems like.

This is the Sweetwater booth. Their new line Pure is from Moda.

Terry Atkinson with Atkinson Designs. She is showing off her new zipper line and her newest bag patterns. These little pouches were adorable. When someone is talking bags, I listen!

I wanted to bring one or two of them home with me.
I stopped by the Michael Miller booth, some of my favorite designers were there.

Sandi Henderson's booth, oh my! Very clean and fresh. Her new line Meadowsweet 2 is soon to be released. And se has a new book out.
Myself and Sandi after she signed my book.

This is Patty Young, her new line is called Playdate and is adorable for you little ones.
The doll clothes caught my eye. Look how bright and beautiful. Patty's booth was one of the award winners. I wish I could show it all to you.
This is Pillow and Maxfield, their new line is called Pretty Bird. Their booth just made you smile all over. Notice all the fun prints in this line. I can't wait.
These are great bags made from Pretty Bird.
Jan Patek from Moda. She is the founder of the Girl Gang Club's that are in your local quilt shops. We at the Corn Wagon are big fans of hers.

These two energetic ladies are Marcia and Janice from Abbey Lane Quilts. Their booth won the best overall marketing booth. They are a hoot.
Quilt Market 2010 is closed for the day. So it's off to have some Saturday night fun. We gathered Terri and her girls. We went shopping and to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory(again)! It's so yummy though. Our first stop was the Crate & Barrel store to get, you guessed it. A Kate Spain plate. I had said to Emily earlier in the week that we should stop in there to get something for her to autograph. I am sure glad they wanted to go back to the Cheesecake Factory for supper, other wise I wouldn't have gotten my plate!
They don't call us crazy for nothin. Who are these two goons behind the plates?

Time for Terri to unwind. Oh it's good to laugh isn't it?
Myself, Terri, Holly, Emily and Lisa at dinner.
I know she's crazy, but I wanted you to see for yourself! This was our second piece during the week. Give us more sugar so we won't be able to sleep tonight! HaHa, I was exhausted so it was straight to bed for me. As for Emily, well she stayed up and played with fabric. We have one more day of this adventure were on. I can't wait, can you? Until then, say "CHEESE".


Loraine said...

Fabulous pictures! So fun to meet you at market. I didn't put my meeting with Emily on my blog, because I looked horrible! You gals are too fun. Hope to see you again soon.

Yvonne said...

Your pictures made me smile from ear to ear again Shannon! The fun is splashing from your photo's!
I really fell in love with the quilt behind Jan Patek from Moda. Am going to search for the pattern and fabrics for that one this summer! (do you by any chance know the name?) Besides that one, all the booths look so yammie. Wish I could just wonder around in them for a little while..........