May 15, 2010

Last minute prep!

You have all read about my friend Emily in recent posts about our market trip. She is the owner of Crazy Old Ladies Quilts. She designs quilt patterns(which are some of my favorite's). We got together yesterday to finish up some of the little, nick picky things that had to be done before we packed it all up for the transit ride to Minnesota. A group of Utah designers have rented a U-Haul truck to get their booth equipment there. They loaded the truck and it's on the road tomorrow. We will be meeting the truck there on Thursday to unpack booth props. Work, work, work! You can kind of see the fun stuff that will be in her booth, it's going to be really quite something.

Does it need to go higher?

Can you see what I'm holding? Yup, it's my E-6000. I wonder what we are doing with that? It's a secret. I can't wait to get there and put this whole thing together. I know your curious aren't you? I will be sure and post pictures after we get it all up and running. I'm taking my lappy with me so I can let you in on all the details of our trip. Just one more quilt to be bound. I'm saving that to do on our flight out, I hope everything fits into my new bags.

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Yvonne said...

After all that preparation you have done, it must be so exiting to finally be ready to go east.
No idea what an E 6000 is so I am getting curious. Will be looking forword to your posts next week! I wish you and Emily lots of fun and succes!