May 15, 2010

Top Secret

I can add pattern tester to my resume' now. After I had posted about my favorite bag pattern from Kati Cupcake, she posted a nice comment on my blog. She is getting ready to release new patterns and she has given me the opportinity to test out her new bag pattern. It's top secret for now, but I will show you what I'm making it out of. Just a little peep at the pattern!
A mix of different fabrics, there is a couple of Amy Butlers, Meadowsweet from Sandi Henderson, Heather Bailey and Freebird from Moda.

Don't you just love these darling fabrics. This just happens to be Kati Cupcakes own line of fabric. I'm so glad I got a little of it for my stash. I have a really cute quilt planned out of it. Someday though! Right now I am just focusing on getting the bag finished and report back to Amy on the pattern. So far so good.
I will be taking the bag to market and for sure I will be stopping by Kati Cupcakes booth so I can meet and show her what her cute pattern has made. If you haven't been on her blog you need to check it out. She has the cutest bags and quilt patterns. Give her a visit at Thanks Amy, it has been really fun doing a little top secret work for you, can't wait to meet you in a few days. Market time is coming really fast! I can't wait!

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Yvonne said...

Love the fabric of Kati Cupcakes. Can't wait till you may show the bag!