May 10, 2010

"Funs and Guns!"

Our April trip to St. George led to our annual spring trip to Zion's. We stopped and took a few pictures on the east side at places we hadn't stopped before. So all of our pictures won't look the same now!
This is the first sign of big horn sheep that we have seen in the canyon. I had just got done telling Stuart that we had never seen any and just as we turned the bend in the road there they were, and up above Stuart spotted this one looking down on us. Just a yearling, maybe in our trip next spring we will have the chance to find him again.
On our way out of the park we spotted a new candy shop in Springdale. Of course I made Stuart flip around so we could check it out. Boy am I glad we did. I had the best carmel apple I have ever eaten. It was so fresh I had to wait for it to be dipped, it was still soft when she boxed it up. Stuart got a bag of peanut brittle, his favorite. This will be a stop we will definately be making again going to and from the park.

Making you hungary?

We went shooting in Mesquite while we were there. Stuart had to take me to try out the fancy new over-under 20 guage shotgun he surprised me with just days before our getaway. Wow, what can I say. He sure wants me to enjoy this thing called sporting clays. The gun makes all the difference in the world. It's lighter and easier for me to handle. Thanks for making shooting alot easier and funner for me Stuart.
Do I look like a champ? Not yet, but soon!

I thought they only used these carts on golf courses, but they do call this golfing with guns. It beats walking, especially when you have realized you have forgotten your card at the last station. When do we go again? This was a fun trip to the sunny south, but then again we always have fun no matter the weather.

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Yvonne said...

What a great sunny pictures of your little getaway! It must have been great to get out in the sun a little bit. It must be so nice to have Zion almost 'around the corner'. Can't wait to visit this summer!
Looks like you and Stuart have a lot of fun on the shooting range, we can not imagine to be able to do that outdoors!
Dit you hit any?